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Why is Pune Anjali’s model of Poshan Vatika a hit?

Anjali Vaman adopts weekly basket concept.


Anjali Vaman, a Pune’s Kalwadi village resident, cultivates papaya and bananas on her 5 acres. The Junnar tehsil to which Anjali belongs is primarily small and marginal farmers. These farmers take only one crop in a year. To buy fruits and vegetables, one must go to the weekly market far away from the village. This not only affects the livelihood of these farmers but also there needs to be more nutritious food. See how is Anjali’s model of Poshan Vatika a hit.

Nutrition garden built on 200 square meters

Anjali Vaman contacted Krishi Vigyan Kendra to solve this problem in her village. With the help of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Anjali made a nutrition garden of 200 square meters so that vegetables are readily available in the town. How did he get the support of Krishi Vigyan Kendra? How many farmers benefitted? Let us tell you in this article.

Poshan Vatika
Image Credit: kvkthane

Poshan Vatika seed kit given to farmers

Krishi Vigyan Kendra Narayangaon organized a farmer’s seminar on Poshan Vatika. In this seminar, information was given to the farmers about making nutrition gardens. About 150 Anganwadi women were given training in the management of Poshan Vatika. KVK prepared a Poshan Vatika seed kit comprising 25 vegetables and four fruit plants. These kits were made under a project funded by UNICEF, MS Swaminathan Research Foundation, and Nari Project.

Altogether 670 families from 6 villages were given the training to prepare a nutrition garden. Under the ‘Nari Project,’ 250 families and 190 families under other projects were provided with essential materials related to nutrition gardens.

Patel circle model made

A model of the Nutrition Garden was also made at Krishi Vigyan Kendra Farm so that women can get information related to Nutrition Garden. 8 petal circle model was prepared in the 200 square meter area of ​​the farm. 25 types of vegetables were planted in it. In the remaining 100 square meter area, models of organic manure, vermicompost, poultry and goat rearing were prepared.

Poshan Vatika
Image Credit: kvkthane

Weekly basket concept adopted

During this period, Anjali Vaman also took training in organic farming. Anjali Vaman started producing vegetables for her own family. In addition, he also conceptualized the Weekly Basket. She started making weekly baskets and selling them in nearby cities. This earned him a good income. After increasing the demand, he further increased the area of ​​Poshan Vatika.

Poshan Vatika
Image Credit: kvkthane

Inspiration to other farmers

Seeing the success of Kalwadi village, other villages have also been inspired to adopt the Poshan Vatika concept. Anjali Vaman inspired 100 women of her village to form self-help groups and encouraged them to start nutrition gardens. After this, about 100 women farmers together started the Organic Nutrition Garden.

Poshan Vatika
Image Credit: kvkthane

Appreciating the achievements and efforts of Anjali Vaman, KVK Pune has also honored her in many programs. Krishi Vigyan Kendra has placed him as a role model for other fellow farmers.

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