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Along with Organic Farming, Vermicompost is a source of additional income for Women

ATMA Group is giving the training to make organic fertilizers and earn more income.


Organic farming requires organic manure, and to remove its deficiency, Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA) is making people aware and trained. Local women can also earn from it by producing vermicompost (organic manure), where natural and nutritious manure will be available for farming. ATMA (Agriculture Technology Management Agency) in Goa and Karaikal district has not only explained the technology of making vermicompost to local women but has also tried to solve the problem of shortage of fertilizers by motivating them. It is very easy to make this fertilizer, and it is also cheaply available to farmers. That is, there is a two-way benefit from this.

What is Vermicompost?

It is a compost prepared from the kitchen or household waste made with Earthworms’ help. The compost made from earthworms makes the soil more fertile. Vermicompost contains elements that dissolve easily in water, so this manure absorbs well into the soil and makes it fertile.

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Promotion of Organic Farming

Agriculture Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Goa, motivates local women to make vermicompost to promote organic farming. Apart from this, Roja ATMA Group, a women CIG comprising 16 women members under Commodity Interest Group ‘Organic Farming’, also creates awareness among women for vermicomposting to promote organic farming. This group has decided to produce vermicompost on a commercial basis. Although they mainly produce vermicompost, they also produce Panchkavya, Amrita Karaisal, and Panch Patti extracts.

Image Credit: Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Extra Income from Vermicompost

Additional income can be earned by making vermicompost, for this Roja ATMA group of Karaikal and ATMA women farmers self-help group in Goa are imparting the techniques of making vermicompost and training them. By going from place to place, this group motivates the self-help groups of women farmers to join this initiative. Initially, a low-cost vermicompost unit was made with a thatched roof and cement floor. Subsequently, the group started selling Panchkavya, Amrita Karaisal, and Panch Patti extracts. Now he is also earning extra by selling rice flour, ragi flour, pickles, and snacks made of rice flour. Women farmers in Goa initially faced the problem of a shortage of cow dung, the main raw material for manure, but ATMA Group solved this problem.

Image Credit: Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Centre for Indian Knowledge System

Success in Goa

ATMA Group got great success in Goa. Self-help groups of Kirlapal Dabal prepared four plastic beds (12x3x2 feet) for making vermicompost and vermicompost was ready in 2 months. The group continues this work for self-employment and has sold 9-10 tonnes of vermicompost in the last one and a half years. Now they are thinking of expanding their business by making group and plastic beds.

Fertilizer shortage being fulfilled along with Profit

There is no additional cost in making vermicompost. It also makes women farmers capable of earning a good income. Along with this, the local farmers no longer face shortage of organic manure, because due to its good production nearby, they get nutritious vermicompost at a low cost. A self-help group of women farmers in Goa is thinking of making their own brand of vermicompost, which will create their identity in the market. Along with this, she is also trying to take it to the new market, which will increase the income.

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