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Year-End 2022: India Stands 4th Globally In Renewable Energy


The Prime Minister’s announcement at COP26, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is working to achieve 500 GW of installed power capacity from non-fossil sources by 2030. A total of 172.72 GW has been accumulated so far. of capacity from non-fossil fuel sources. installed in the country on 10.31.2022.

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Renewable Energy

This includes 119.09 GW RE, 46.85 GW of large hydro capacity, and 6.78 GW of nuclear power capacity. This has a participation of 42.26% of the total generation capacity installed in the country, that is, 408.71 GW as of 10.31.2022.

India ranks fourth globally for installed renewable energy capacity (including large hydro), fourth for wind power capacity, and fourth for solar power capacity (according to REN21 Renewables Global Status Report 2022).

A total of 14.21 GW of renewable energy (RE) capacity was added during the January-October 2022 period compared to 11.9 GW capacity added during the January-October 2021 period. a total of 151.94 BU from RE sources during the period of January to September 2022 compared to 128.95 BU during the period of January to September 2021.

Rooftop solar

Simplified procedure in RTS: To simplify the implementation process, the Ministry has developed a National Portal ( where any residential consumer anywhere in the country can apply for rooftop solar without waiting for Discom to finalize bidding and panel providers.

The Intra-State GEC Phase-II (InSTS GEC-II) scheme was approved by the CCEA in January 2022. The total target is 10,750 ckm of intra-state transmission lines and 27,500 MVA substations with a commissioning schedule scheduled for March 2026.

Incentive scheme linked to production (section II) in the “National Program for High-Efficiency Solar Photovoltaic Modules”, with a disbursement of Rs. Rs 19,500 crore was approved and released.

India’s first Battery Storage and Solar Power based ‘Suryagram’ – “Modhera” in Gujarat. Imposition of Basic Customs Duty (BCD) on solar cells & modules was done away with by the Ministry.

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