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Advanced Vegetable Farming techniques increase quality and yield

Progressive farmer Shashikala of Karnataka is growing advanced variety of vegetables, 3 times increased profit


Vegetable farming is not new but advanced methods make it altogether new experience. Agricultural scientists are constantly researching new varieties to increase the income of farmers and increase production per hectare. As a result of this, many advanced varieties of crops and vegetables have been developed. These improved varieties not only give more and quality production, but also protect against pests and diseases. Shasikala, a progressive woman farmer from Karnataka, has become a successful farmer by growing improved varieties of vegetables.

Beginning with tomato farming 

Shasikala, a progressive woman farmer from Pemmanahalli village in Tumkur district of Karnataka, started vegetable farming with Arka Samrat variety of tomato. Tomato is the main commercial crop. Along with tomatoes, from 2010, he started growing French beans, peas, brinjals, chillies and green leafy vegetables. Earlier she used to grow crops like ragi, red gram and jowar.

Shasikala is also a member of a Self Help Group (SHG) named Shree Vinayak Shree Shakti. There are 20 members in this Self Help Group. The group is involved in activities like agriculture, horticulture, organic farming, animal husbandry and vermicomposting. Shasikala has a keen interest in activities related to horticulture. She keeps learning about advanced farming techniques from institutes like Indian Institute of Horticultural Research (IIHR) in Bangalore, Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK) in Tumkur and Karnataka State Horticulture Department (KSHD). Not only this, she also inspires other female members of her group to adopt new techniques developed by Indian Institute of Horticulture Research. Presently she is doing agriculture, horticulture as well as animal husbandry.

Vegetable Farming
Image Credit: kvktumakuru

Growing improved variety of vegetables 

Apart from Arka Samrat variety of tomato, Arka Ajit, an advanced variety of pea, Arka Anoop and Arka Suvidha variety of French beans are being grown. Due to this, he is not only getting more production per hectare, but also getting good price for the crop due to good quality. From Arka Anoop, he gets production up to 17 tonnes per hectare.

Profit increased 3 times 

Earlier, by growing crops like ragi, jowar, red gram, he used to get an average profit of Rs 20,000 per acre. Now by growing vegetables of short duration, he gets a profit of 60 thousand rupees per acre.

Buyers come directly to the farm 

Where earlier Shasikala used to go to the market in Bengaluru to sell her produce, now buyers come to her personally to buy the produce. She is also motivating other farmers in her area to grow improved varieties of vegetables. About 15 farmers are now growing improved varieties of French beans.

Vegetable Farming
Image Credit: kvktumakuru

Use of organic formulations

She is using the organic formulation ‘Panchgavya’ to prevent flower drop in pea and tomato crops. When the flowers start coming in the plants, then the possibility of falling of flowers reduces if this Panchgavya is added. To make it, 5 kg cow dung, 10 liters cow urine, 1 liter curd, 1 liter milk, 1 kg ghee are mixed. Then after 15 days this solution mixed with water in the ratio of 1:10 is sprayed on the crop.

Being in constant touch with the scientists, they also get information from time to time regarding pest management. By constantly learning new techniques and updating herself, she has become a role model for other farmers in the

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