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‘Agribot’ : India’s first government approved Agriculture Drone

Agribot is abbreviated as Agricultural robots. There are quite a few of them in India serving their purpose, functioning well and giving desired results.


Farmers are using agribots and earning best income. But here, we will discuss a very special ‘Agribot’. It’s speciality is that it is an agricultural robot whose name is ‘Agribot’. It is India’s first government approved agriculture drone, rather flying drone, to help in farming. This Agribot has approval from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). It is the only legally compliant drone in India to be used in farming practices. They are specifically designed for agricultural purposes such as spraying, crop monitoring & broadcasting. 

What does it mean to be DGCA approved ? 

DGCA is a statutory body of the government of India responsible for regulating civil aviation in India. As far as drones are considered, there are certain guidelines and benchmarks of the authority for agriculture drones. IoTechWorld Agribot drone is DGCA approved, and we are the only legal manufacturer and suppliers of agricultural drones in India till date. IoTechWorld Agribot drone is different from any other company’s drone because this drone is government approved, no other drone is approved and can not sell in the market legally. The drone operations are being permitted by Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) through the conditional exemption route. MoCA has published ‘Drone Rules 2021’ dated 25th August 2021 to regulate the use and operation of Drones in India. 

Specifications of ‘Agribot’ 

It has been designed and manufactured by drone manufacturing company IoTechWorld. Ex

  • The structure is a Hexacopter. 
  • Spraying capacity – Upto 8 acres of land per hour. 
  • Battery fly time – Upto 20 minutes with payload, 25 minutes without payload 
  • Maximum payload carrying capacity is 10kg.
  • Tank volume – 10 L 
  • Sprays 1 hectare of land in 20 minutes.

Features of ‘Agribot’ 

Working of ‘Agribot’ is in stages. 

From filling the liquid to be sprayed to spraying the fields and coming back to ground, everything is planned and synchronised. 

  • It has an Intelligent Mission Planning System.
  • One can plan and edit its path according to the shape, size and need of the field. 
  • One can also plan the litres of payload to be filled as per need. 
  • The farm shape and size is also fed in the robot. 
  • The information about overlapping of the field, shape, height and width adjustments etc. can be selected in the robot. 
  • Geo Fencing facility is available which means no spray in another field crop 
  • Radar system is used in ‘agribot’. Radar detects the terrain, gives command to the robot to adjust its height accordingly and maintain it. 
  • These robots are mechanical in nature, whatever data is fed or instructions are given, they follow it. 
  • There is every possibility of collisions on the way. To about collisions ‘agribot’ model comes with Artificial Intelligence, Radar based collision avoidance. 
  • It can detect objects like tree, poles, wire int he field from 22m away and reroute its path. 
  • The ‘agribot’ is very precise when it comes ot spraying the field. 
  • It covers the whole crop till ground. 
  • It can save 90% time, 90% water and 100% health. 
  • Fully autonomous and semi-autonomous mode makes it easy to use.
  • Eliminates health hazards as farmers always remain far from spray area. 
  • Landing Accuracy – Within 30 cm 

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Uses of Agricultural Drone – AGRIBOT 

  • Since it is a flying robot, it is used in spraying of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides etc 
  • It is also useful in broadcasting of Seeds, Granules, Fertilizers etc 
  • Multispectral Sensor mounting is there for crop health analysis. 
  • Only 8 litre to 10 litre water is required to spray 1 acre of crop area in 6-7 minutes. 
  • Possible spray Per day can be 25-30 acres 

Other application include : 

  • Spraying Crop Protection Product 
  • Dispensing Fertilizers Granules 
  • Pollination Services 
  • Feeding Aquaculture
    Public Health – Mosquito Control 
  • Epidemic Outbreak – Locust Control 
  • Digital Geo-mapping Of Agriculture Land 



Price of ‘Agribot’ 

Price is a major issue with robots like these. Although it is justified with one time investment policy, but this one time investment is also a matter on concern. Price of ‘Agribot’ drone is 6.78 lakh+GST. It sounds a huge amount, so Government subsidy can be a way to cut the cost and investment. Althought, with time and usage, farmers find it worth investing. Kisan of India has covered several stories on use of agricultural robots. 

Government is also promoting drone use in agriculture. Financial support is being extended. Agriculture Ministry plans granting upto 100% of the cost of agriculture drone or Rs. 10 lakhs, whichever is less, as grant for purchase of drones by the Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institutes, ICAR institutes, Krishi Vigyan Kendras and State Agriculture Universities for taking up large scale demonstrations of this technology on the farmers’ fields. Custom hiring centres will be set up by cooperative society of farmers, Farmers Producers Organizations (FPOs) and rural entrepreneurs to get financial assistance for purchase of drones. Also, subsidized purchase would make drones more accessible to the common man and will encourage domestic drone production.

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If you want it, Get it with full support 

IoTechWorld not only manufactures these agribots, but also give professional 7 days training and certificate to the learners. There are tutorials on the website which will help you answer all your questions. If you buy this agribot, you get service and maintenance support all over India with the help of dealers and service centres. IoTechWorld also gives product warranty for any manufacturing defect. They also give free online support for lifetime. This agribot is listed on government E-Marketing Portal ‘GEM’. And above all, this is the only agri-drone in India for which you get full insurance. 


Benefits of ‘Agribot’ 

Agribot drone is specifically designed for the farmers of India. There are few benefits are outlined below:

  1. Effective spraying result: Spraying by drone is very much beneficial because the fine droplet size around 200 to 220 microns along with high pressure and thrust from propellers allows the droplet to reach almost every part of the crop and even under the leaves which is not possible in traditional methods. 

  2. Increase in Crop Productivity: Spraying on crops is effective and covers the whole plant. It increases the yield by up to 20%. 

  3. Saves Water : Usually in traditional method 150-200 litres of water is required to spray in 1 acre while with the drone it can be done in only 10 litres of water.

  4. Saves Time: 1 acre of land can be sprayed in 6-7 minutes using AGRIBOT while the same piece of land will take approximately 3-4 hours to do spraying in a traditional method. 

  5. Health of Sprayer:

    Chemicals and pesticides which are used for spraying are harmful for human direct contact. Spraying by drone keeps the farmer and user away from these chemicals while spraying so it is 100% health effective. 

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