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Cultivation of red ladyfinger is a source of profit for Mishrilal Rajput, He gets 3-4 times more price than normal lady’s finger

Cultivation of red ladyfinger in the garden of Bhopal, the very first yield raised great hope


On hearing the name of ladyfinger, green coloured ladyfinger comes to mind. The reason for this is also inevitable because bhindi of this colour is available in the market. But do you know that lady’s finger can also be red in colour. Yes, you may find this strange to hear, but a farmer from Madhya Pradesh has done this charisma. Further in this article you will know why red ladyfinger is more beneficial than other ladyfinger, how farmers can earn more profit from it and what is the price of this ladyfinger in the market.

Farmer Mishrilal Rajput, a resident of Khajuri Kalan village of Bhopal, has planted red ladyfinger crop in his field. He cultivates red ladyfinger on half an acre of land. Today he has become the center of attraction for the farmers of his village as well as other states.

 lady finger

Yield possible in any type of soil 

Some time ago farmer Mishrilal Rajput had gone to the Indian Institute of Vegetable Research Center in Banaras. From here he got information about this variety of lady’s finger. After this he himself decided to cultivate red ladyfinger. Mishrilal Rajput purchased one kg of red ladyfinger seeds from the institute for Rs 2400. Then planted these seeds on his half acre of land.

Mishrilal Rajput told in a conversation with Kisan of India that its crop gets ripened sooner than the normal green ladyfinger. Once planted, the yield of red ladyfinger is ready in four to five months. 

What is most special about red ladyfinger is that it is possible to cultivate red ladyfinger in any type of soil. Up to 50 ladybugs can be produced in one plant. 


Also beneficial for health 

Agricultural scientists keep doing many experiments related to agriculture every day, due to which the capacity of production as well as income increases. The reason for these experiments is how to enable the farmer in the cultivation of red ladyfinger. The Indian Vegetable Research Institute took 8 to 10 years to prepare this variety named ‘Kashi Lalima’. Red ladyfinger is also beneficial for patients of heart disease, cholesterol and diabetes. 

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 lady finger
Red ladyfinger Cultivation

3 to 4 times the price 

Farmers can earn manifold profits from the cultivation of red okra. The price of this ladyfinger in the market is 3 to 4 times more than the normal lady’s finger. By selling red ladyfinger, farmers can earn Rs 300 to 400 per kg. The possibility of damage to the crop of this red ladyfinger is also less. Due to its red colour, insects are less attracted to it. Actually, green vegetables have a high amount of chlorophyll, which insects like, but due to the red colour of this ladyfinger, it does not get pests. 

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