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Eco-Friendly Plates and Cups made from Wheat Straw

Beneficial to the environment and farmers.


Products made from Wheat Straw | From plastic bags to plates, containers, plastic has become too ingrained in our lives to get rid of it all at once. Even though the government has been trying to ban plastic for many years, it has yet to be successful because people do not have any good alternative to plastic, so that they will use plastic.

Gradually, efforts are being made to make plastic from many types of waste so that environmental damage can be prevented. One such waste is wheat straw, a residue left after harvesting, which is also difficult for farmers to manage.

In such a situation, when many types of products are made from wheat straw, the management problem will not only go away, but also farmers can increase their income by making new types of products, and these products are not harmful to the environment.

Plastic from Wheat Straw

Wheat straw contains cellulose and can be recycled into a plastic-like material. Ordinary plastic is made from synthetic polymers, while the polymers made from wheat straw are completely natural. Many useful things like containers, straws, plastic plates, and coffee cups can be made from plastic made from wheat straws. That is, it can be a great alternative to plastic products.

Wheat Straw
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How is Plastic made from Straws?

Wheat crop contains lignin, which is converted into bio-plastic by mixing it with sugar. To make plastic, lignin is first broken down by bacteria called Rhodococcus jostii found in the soil. This bacteria produces acid, which naturally breaks down the lignin. After breaking down, it is mixed with sugar to form a plastic-like substance. Then things like cups, plates, straws, and containers are made from this material.

Paper can also be made from wheat straw. Not only can wheat straw be used to make natural plastics, but grass, leaves, and even wood can also be used.

Wheat Straw
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Advantages of Natural Plastic

  • It is completely biodegradable i.e. gets destroyed and mixes in the soil and does not cause any harm to the environment.
  • It is renewable and sustainable. Also it is not allergic.
  • In addition to being gluten-free, it is easy to clean and products made from this plastic are strong.
  • It can also be used in microwave and freezer.
  • It does not have any odor and does not get moldy.
  • It can hold hot liquids up to 100°C.
  • It follows the guidelines of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • It takes less energy to make plastic from wheat straw, while the production of synthetic plastic consumes more energy and also emits more carbon dioxide, which is not good for the environment.
  • Due to this farmers can get additional income. They can make products from wheat straw and sell them in the market.
  • Farmers will not have to do waste management and air pollution caused by burning of straw will also be reduced.

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