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Know important things related to lemon cultivation from ‘Lemon Man’ Anand Mishra, what precautions should be taken and how much is the income?

Provides horticulture training to farmers across the country


Nowadays, farmers in the country are constantly doing new experiments. Apart from traditional farming, farmers’ interest in horticulture crops have also increased rapidly. The next name in the list of such progressive farmers is that of Anand Mishra, popularly known as ‘Lemon Man’ of Rae Bareli. Anand Mishra cultivates lemon on his farm. They make profits in lakhs from the cultivation of lemon alone. Along with this, he also gives training in horticulture to the farmers. Along with lemon, he also grows 17 other crops in his farm. Kisan of India had an exclusive conversation with Anand Mishra. 

lemon cultivation

How did you start the cultivation of lemon? 

Before taking up farming, Anand Mishra worked in a furniture company as a manager for 13 years. Leaving the job, he chose the path of agriculture. Anand Mishra told that he is attached to his village and soil. Because of this, he decided to leave the job and do farming. In the initial years of farming, he did traditional farming, but if there was no profit in it, then he turned to horticulture. First started with the cultivation of lemon in horticulture. Anand Mishra further says that lemon cultivation does not require much investment. Everyone can cultivate it.

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Lemon Cultivation

What is Anand Mishra’s ‘Lemon Man’ farming model?

Taking the discussion further, Anand Mishra said that when the farmer does traditional farming, the money comes to his house after 4 to 5 months. In such a situation, the farmer has to face many times in meeting his daily expenses. On the contrary, with the right management and knowledge in horticulture, the farmer can meet the daily expenses. This is what Anand Mishra has named the ‘Lemon Man’ farming model.

Lemon Cultivation

Do gardening of other plants with lemon 

Anand Mishra is cultivating 17 types of plants including lemon in his farm. He has planted saplings of guava, katha, amaranth, litchi etc. along with lemon in the garden.

How much cost and earnings in lemon cultivation? 

Anand Mishra cultivates many varieties of lemon. Varieties like Kagji lemon, Raspberry lemon, Balaji etc. are included in this. He told that he prepares the plants himself in his farm. Planting can be done anytime except summer. After four years, the lemon plant starts bearing fruit. After 4 years, the farmer starts earning 1000 rupees from one plant. There are 250 plants in one acre. It costs around 50 thousand. In this way, farmers can earn up to 2 lakh 50 thousand from one acre. It is a one time investment and farmers can earn from it throughout their life. A plant continues to bear fruit for 30 years.

Lemon Cultivation

Provides training to farmers

Anand Mishra further says that due to lack of information, farmers copy each other. Due to this the farmer has to suffer. Because of this, he started training the farmers. Farmers from many states including Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab are associated with him. Anand Mishra has also given training to the farmers of Uttarakhand by visiting them.

What are the things to keep in mind in the cultivation of lemon? 

The selection of plants should be done by the farmer from a reliable place. After planting the plant, half to one litre of water should be added. Plants should be planted in the field in a row from east to west. This causes less damage to the plants by wind. One year after transplanting the plant, 5 kg of manure should be applied. At the age of 2 years, 10 kg of cow dung should be applied. 15 kg manure should be applied in 3rd year and 20 kg manure in 4th year. Farmers should take care of all these things. If farmers take care of all these things then their lemon cultivation will be successful. 

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