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Lettuce Farming: Adopt advanced technology and get benefits

Good yield in cool place


Lettuce Farming: You all must have eaten burgers and sandwiches. Have you ever noticed that a big green leaf is put in it, yes, which you all eat with great fervor, but do you know about that leaf. It is called lettuce or salad leaf, which is very popular in foreign countries, but now its demand has started increasing in the country as well, due to which it is being cultivated on a commercial scale. Along with lettuce leaves, its knots are also used in salads and soups. It is in high demand in big cities, hotels and tourist destinations. If you live in a cold region, you can make good profit from lettuce farming, because it gives a good harvest in low temperatures.

Climate and soil 

Cool climate is good for lettuce crop. Therefore, in hilly areas where the temperature is 13-16 degree celsius, it gives good yield. It cannot be cultivated in hot areas, because in high temperature the seed stalks are removed quickly and the taste of the leaves become bitter. Sandy loam soil having pH value of 6.00-6.5 is considered best for its crop.

Lettuce Farming
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How to prepare farm ready? 

There is no need for deep plowing of the field to plant its crop. After the first plowing with soil disc, do 2nd plowing with cultivator. Mulching should be done after every ploughing. After this, put 15-20 trolley per hectare of rotten cow dung manure in the field and mix it in the soil. Use chemical fertilizers carefully in its cultivation.

Sowing Method 

It is necessary to treat the seeds before sowing. Treat it with Thiram or Agrocin GN at the rate of 3 grams per kg of seed. 500 grams of seed is required per hectare. Some of its varieties are sown in the nursery and transplanted in the field after 5-6 weeks, while the leafy varieties are sown directly in the field. In hilly areas it is sown from February to June.

Lettuce Farming
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When to harvest?

When the leaf is fully developed, then it should be cut. The tender leaves can be harvested after an interval of one week. Harvesting should be stopped in late March and early April. If you want to make its seeds, then finish the harvesting in the month of May. Its 50 kg seeds are obtained per acre. The head varieties of lettuce should be harvested only when the heads are fully developed. 12-14 leaves are obtained from one plant. Keep in mind that it should be harvested in the morning, it keeps the leaves fresh and should be harvested by hand and above the soil surface.

Farmers of hilly areas can earn good profit from lettuce farming. It can be cultivated both in open field and in polyhouse.

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