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Mahogany Farming Part 1 : How to do it and earn the best?

1200 to 1500 mahogany trees can be grown in one acre. But what are the things to be taken care of?


Mahogany farming is like a long time investment. It takes four-five years for its plants to become trees and become a wonderful ‘earning son’ of the farmer. It takes about 6 years for mahogany saplings to attain the form of a mature tree. Till maturity, Mahogany plants do not cause any economic problem for the farmers, but they keep on supplying proper amount of ‘Nitrogen’, the most precious source of natural fertilizer for pulse plants.

What type of climate and land is suitable for mahogany cultivation? 

The height of mahogany tree can be from 40 to 200 feet. But the real average length in India is around 60 feet. Its roots do not go very deep. That’s why it is considered a bit delicate and hesitates to apply in areas with strong winds. Mahogany can be planted in any fertile land except waterlogged land.

Mahogany can be grown in any climate except hilly and high rainfall areas. The normal temperature is right for the germination and development of their seeds. In the early years, mahogany plants have to be protected from extreme heat and cold. But the developed trees continue to develop properly even in the temperature of 15 ° C in winter and 35 ° C in summer.

mahogany farming
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Mahogany Cultivation Process 

June-July is the best time for transplanting Mahogany saplings. After this, the monsoon phase becomes a favorable environment for the growth of plants. For this, level the field after deep ploughing. Then plant the plants at a distance of three to four meters by making rows of pits three feet wide and two feet deep. Fill the pits with soil mixed with organic and chemical fertilizers and do light irrigation.

Water the plants on 5 to 7 days in summer and 10 to 15 days in winter. The water requirement of growing plants decreases. For mature trees, 5 to 6 irrigations in a year are sufficient. Keep weeding as needed.

mahogany farming
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How much does Mahogany farming cost? 

1200 to 1500 mahogany trees can be grown in one acre. The cost of its plant ranges from Rs 25-30 to Rs 100-200. Its cost depends on the age of the plant that is going to be used for transplanting and how has it developed? Apart from this, adding fertilizers, labor and other expenses, the average cost per acre is Rs 1.5 to 2.5 lakh.

mahogany farming
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In the next part of mahogany cultivation series, we will tell you in detail about its demand and price in the market. 

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