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Mahogany Farming Part 2 : Advanced varieties give good income

Each variety has its own specialty, all varieties are advanced


Mahogany Farming | Mahogany tree is counted among the precious trees. Almost every part of it is used. That’s why it is also called a source of long-term income for the farmers. Its wood is used to make ships, furniture, plywood, decorative items and sculptures. While its seeds, leaves and flowers are used in Ayurvedic medicines. Mainly no species of mahogany is found in India. Many foreign varieties of it are cultivated in the country. The height of mahogany tree can be from 40 to 200 feet. But the real average length in India is around 60 feet. 1200 to 1500 mahogany trees can be grown in one acre.

Mahogany Farming
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What are the varieties of mahogany? 

At present five varieties of mahogany are cultivated in India. The names of these five varieties of mahogany are Cuban, Mexican, African, New Zealand and Honduran. These varieties are cultivated through foreign cuttings. 

Honduran and Cuban are considered among the best varieties for Mahogany Farming. These varieties are improved species of commercially grown mahogany. The woods of these varieties are considered very good, which are not affected by water, that is, they do not get damaged even after getting water. 

The trees of the Mexican variety are slightly smaller than those of the Cuban and Honduran varieties, but the quality of their wood is also considered to be very good.

Most mahogany items sold in the U.S. are made from African mahogany trees. It looks similar to other mahogany trees in appearance. 

Mature trees of the New Zealand variety grow up to 15 m in height. Its wood is mostly used in making boats. Decorative things are made from its wood. They are lighter than other varieties. Its leaves are large and shiny up to 40 mm.

Mahogany Farming
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All varieties of plants are prepared on the basis of yield and quality of seeds. The farmer has to work hard to take proper care of the mahogany plants. That’s why it is more beneficial to adopt two-three years old and well growing plants from government registered company or nursery. Of course, mahogany is also a profitable deal for those who run nurseries. A good income can be made by opening its nursery. Its one plant is sold from 30 rupees to 200 rupees.

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