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Millets Farming: MEmillets is promoting the cultivation of coarse grains through seeds and market

Removing the problem of farmers' market


The government has declared the year 2023 as the International Year of Millets (IYM 2023). That is, efforts are being made to popularize nutritious millets products not only in the country but also abroad so that more and more people can Millets, which are called the treasure of health, can reach the plate, so the cultivation of coarse grains is also being encouraged across the country.

The result of this initiative of the government is that now many companies have also started capitalizing on this opportunity. Apart from providing good quality seeds to the farmers, it is providing all the information related to the cultivation of millets. Not only this, she is also buying the crops of the farmers, so that there is no problem in the market. When the farmers get the right price for their produce, it is obvious that they will be more motivated to cultivate coarse grains. With this, nutritious millets will be able to reach maximum number of people.

The company named MEmillets is promoting about 10 types of millets from providing seeds to processing. MEmillets & Foods OPC Pvt. Ltd. Director Manish Kumar discussed this in detail with Sarvesh Bundeli, the correspondent of Kisan of India.

Millets Farming
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From Seeds to Ready to Eat Food

Cereals like Jowar, Bajra, Ragi, Kodo, Kutki, Kangni, Sawa, Kodan, Chena, Little Millet are included in coarse grains. Manish Kumar says that the seeds of millets are useful for the farmers, because they can grow crops from it, but they cannot be eaten directly. We have all types of Millets grains.

He said that except jowar, bajra and ragi, the rest of the millets are with husk and only the grain obtained after removing the husk is used. MEmillets provides millets seeds to the farmers. Along with this, many ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat foods are also prepared from coarse grains.

Millets Farming
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Treasure of Health

Manish Kumar explains that there is a lot of fiber in millets. Many problems like diabetes, BP can be relieved by its use. Improves immunity and digestion. It also has many anti cancer properties. Not only this, they say that if one eats Codon Millets without any gluten content for 6 months, it helps in getting rid of the problem of type 2 diabetes. The problem of infertility is removed by the consumption of little millet. On the other hand, ragi is very beneficial for those people who have anemia or lack of iron and calcium. Coarse grains are very beneficial for women, because bones are strengthened by its consumption. This is great for summers.

Millets Farming
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Unique Product

Manish Kumar says that his flour is different from other millets flour available in the market, because usually millets are ground in a pulverizer in which high heat destroys its nutritious elements. Whereas MEmillets has a different type of machine, in which cold flour is ground. Its specialty is that it makes roti easily and also puffs up. Not only this, the company has also tied up with many other companies to provide ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook food to the customers.

Farmers market problem over

Manish Kumar says that his company not only provides seeds to the farmers, but also provides all the information needed for the cultivation of millets. Along with this, it also buys food grains from the farmers. That is, after growing the crop, there is no need for the farmers to find a market for it.

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