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Natural farming and intercropping give more profit in less cost

Andhra Pradesh farmer got success through natural farming and intercropping


Natural things are always good, even if it is natural farming. Natural farming is not only beneficial for the environment but also for the farmers. But in the process of growing more and faster crops, farmers gradually get trapped in the cycle of chemical farming. Due to this, the crop may be good for some time, but in the long run, the nutritional value of the soil and the quality of the crops are affected. Not only this, it also increases the cost of farming for the farmers. This gives less profit to the small farmers. Natural farming is the best way to solve this problem. Due to this, the farmer of Andhra Pradesh R. Bhaskar Reddy not only got success in farming, but is now teaching the tricks of natural farming to fellow farmers as well.

natural farming
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Advantage of intercropping

In Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. Gundla palle village farmer R. Bhaskar Reddy started Natural Farming in 2018. He has a total of 15 acres of land out of which he started natural farming in 5 acres. He planted groundnut in 3.5 acres as an intercrop of red gram, beans, cowpea and castor, while in 0.50 acres he planted groundnut as the main crop and onion, sorghum, pulses, beans, castor as an intercrop. Tomatoes and vegetables were grown in 0.50 acres, while peas and pulses were grown as fodder crops under Pre-Monsoon Dry Sowing (PMDS) in 0.50 acres.

Natural Farming
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Natural techniques adopted for farming 

R. Bhaskar Reddy did not use any kind of chemical fertilizers and pesticides in his farm, instead he used Ghanajeevamrit, Dravjeevnamrit, various botanical extracts (Neem extract, sour buttermilk, astringent), mulching, sowing and multi- Crop-like methods were adopted. There is no need for weeding in natural farming. He used Ghanjeevamrit @ 400 kg per acre and sprayed Jeevamrit every 15 days till the crop is ready.

Use of crop residues as fodder

R. Bhaskar Reddy has completely adopted natural farming. He used crop residues as push fodder. This saved them the cost of buying fodder and also provided more nutrition to the animals. The production of milk increased by feeding the remains of crops to animals, as well as the amount of ghee in milk also increased. Now Bhaskar Reddy is also giving information about natural farming to other farmers. Self Help Groups are motivating fellow farmers by sharing their success story at the center.

 natural farming
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Advantages of natural farming

  • The income from agriculture and allied activities increased and the cost decreased.
  • Animal dung was used as manure and crop residues were used as fodder, which reduced the cost of fodder and manure.
  • The use of Dravjeevanamrit reduced the effect of pests and diseases.
  • The number of beneficial insects and sparrows increased in the field due to multi cropping.
  • The fertility of the soil increased and the number of earthworms also increased in it.
  • The use of crop residues as fodder increased milk production.
  • Input cost reduced, and income from multi-cropping improved as well as the health of the family.

Farmer R. Bhaskar Reddy’s experiences tell us that natural farming is beneficial in every way. Due to this, farmers become self-sufficient, get good quality crops and the balance of the environment does not deteriorate. Along with the production capacity of natural farming, the fertility of the earth also increases. The government gives subsidy to the farmers for natural farming in different states of the country. 

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