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What to keep in mind in pineapple farming to avoid crop loss?

Know the important things related to pineapple farming


Pineapple is cultivated only in a few selected states of India, which include Assam, Manipur, Tripura, Meghalaya, and West Bengal. However, now farmers are cultivating pineapple in hilly areas as well as in some plains. Since its demand remains constant throughout the year, it proves to be a profitable deal for the farmers. What climate and soil are required for a good crop of pineapple? Come, let’s know.

What should be the climate? 

Not all crops grow in all types of climate. For some, it is more hot and for some cold weather is required. The cultivation of pineapple requires a cool climate. For its good crop, the temperature should be in the range of 20 to 35 degrees. While the annual rainfall should be from 100 to 150 cm.

pineapple farming
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Which soil is suitable for pineapple cultivation? 

Sandy loam soil with pH value of 5-6 is considered good for pineapple crop. Along with this, there should be a proper arrangement of water drainage in the field. 

Improved varieties 

Farmers can earn more profit by cultivating some improved varieties of pineapple. The main varieties include Giant Q, Queen, Mauritius, Red Spanish, Sunflower etc.

When to sow? 

Sowing should be done in June-July and October-November to get pineapple production throughout the year. It starts flowering between January and March. It is necessary to treat the seeds before sowing. For this, prepare a solution by adding 4 grams of Carbendazim in one litre of water or treat the seeds by dissolving 2 grams of Dithane M-45 in one litre of water.

pineapple farming
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Seeds are sown in two rows. Plant-to-plant distance is 45 cm and row to row distance is 90 cm. A pit of 22 cm deep and 30 cm diameter is made for planting the seeds. Flowering starts in 12 to 15 months after sowing and fruits mature after 15-18 months.

pineapple farming
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Weed control in pineapple cultivation 

Regular weeding is necessary to control weeds. First weeding should be done after 40-50 days of sowing, second after 110-120 days, third after 200-210 days, fourth after 300-310 days. After this, the weeds should be removed once before harvesting.

Method of irrigation in pineapple farming 

Crops grow well when there is adequate irrigation system. Drip irrigation or sprinkle irrigation method is suitable for this.

pineapple farming
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Pest and disease management 

Although there is less outbreak of insects in pineapple plants, still spraying of systemic medicine should be done 3-3 times. Also, it can be affected by stem rot disease to avoid which proper drainage system should be there in the fields.

pineapple farming
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There is a lot of demand for pineapple in India as well as abroad. India itself is a big producer of pineapple, as well as it is exported to other countries. Along with its cultivation, many farmers make its processed food (Pineapple Processing) and sell it in the market.

Talking about the market price of pineapple, its average price is currently running at around Rs.3800 per quintal in Delhi’s Azadpur mandi. At the same time, the average price in Khatauli Mandi of Uttar Pradesh is running around Rs.1900.

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