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Brahmastra of natural farming, annihilation of enemies of crop

If you also do natural or organic farming, then use this Brahmastra


The motion poster of the film ‘Brahmastra’ is discussed in Bollywood corridors these days. Brahmastra is a kind of weapon, whose origin is traced to Brahmadev. The concept of the film is said to be based on this Brahmastra. It was talked about in the film Brahmastra, but do you know about the ‘Brahmastra’ of natural or organic farming? Yes, today we will tell you about three weapons that destroy insects in agriculture. By using them, you will not only get better yield, but the quality of the crop will also remain intact.

Natural Farming : Brahmastra of natural farming, annihilation of the enemies of the crop

Kisan of India spoke to the progressive farmer of Rajasthan Rawalchand Pancharia. He told that with these three tools of agriculture, he is getting good crop yield and protection from pests is getting a lot of benefit. Let us know how Rawalchand makes these three important weapons of agriculture.

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How to make Brahmastra? 

Brahmastra is very beneficial for protection from pests on crops. It is used to control large caterpillars and many other types of pests.

Ingredients to make Brahmastra:

  • 10 litres of cow urine
  • 3 kg neem leaves
  • 2 kg karanj leaves
  • 2 kg cilantro leaves
  • 2 kg bael leaves
  • 2 kg castor leaves
  • 2 kg dhatura leaves

To make Brahmastra, select any of the above five ingredients. Grind all the leaves together well. Put this mixture in an earthen pot and boil it with 20 litres of water. When four boils come, take it off and keep it in the shade for two to three days to cool down. After this, mix cow urine in it and filter it with a cloth and keep it in an earthen pot to store. It is important to protect it from the sun.

Rawalchand told that this Brahmastra can be used for six months. Spraying should be done by mixing 7 to 10 litres of Brahmastra in 200 litres of water for one acre of land. 

How to make Neemastra? 

The juice of Neemastra is used for the control of Nymph-Sucking insects and Larva.

Ingredients of Neemastra:

  • 20 liters cow urine
  • 1 kg cow dung
  • 3 kg neem leaves
  • 2.5 kg dhatura leaves
  • 2.5 kg fig leaves 

To make Neemastra, first make a chutney of neem, dhatura and fig leaves in an earthen pot. After that boil the mixture in water. After four boils, keep it for 2 to 3 days to cool down. After this, add cow urine and cow dung and mix it well. Then cover it with a mesh cloth for 2 to 3 days.

Neemastra can be used for up to six months. Rawalchand Pancharia told that for one acre of land, spraying by mixing 7 to 10 litres of Neemastra in 200 litres of water is suitable. 

अग्नि अस्त्र कैसे बनायें?

How to make Agni Astra? 

Agni Astra is used to protect against the infestation of worms and worms in the stem insect fruits.

Material for making fire weapon:

  • 20 litres cow urine
  • 5 kg neem leaves
  • half kg tobacco powder
  • half kg green hot chili
  • half kg garlic

To make Agni Astra, boil all the above-mentioned ingredients in an earthen pot with 20 litres of water. After four boils, keep it for two to three days to cool down. Keep mixing it every 12 hours. After this, mix cow urine and keep the mixture in the shade.

Rawalchand told that the fire weapon can be used for three months. He told that for one acre of land, 200 litres of water mixed with 5 to 6 litres of Agni Astra should be sprayed. 

Rawalchand explains that Chemical Insecticides where the enemy insect along with the friendly insects also harm. These three weapons of farming do not harm the friendly insects.

Rawalchand told that these weapons should be used for irrigation after 4 o’clock in the evening because at that time there are no friendly insects on the crop. All these should be used alternately once a week. If you are using Brahmastra in the first week, then Neemastra should be used in the next week and then Agni astra should be used after that. 

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