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Krish-e App gives facility to rent agricultural equipment

You can also keep a record of your every single transaction via Krish-e App



Many times farmers have to face losses due to lack of knowledge about crop solutions, fertilizer management, pest management, crop maintenance, soil testing, crop diseases. In such a situation, Krish-e App can be helpful in removing these problems of farmers.

Krish-e app is one such agriculture app, which provides important farming information to farmers and personalized crop calendar. Apart from technical know-how, this app also gives farmers the benefit of expert experience. Using this app, farmers can improve their crop yield and earn more profit. This app also gives various advices related to farming and crops to the farmers.

Personalized Crop Calendar 

  • Provides personalized crop calendar for every farming need.
  • This calendar provides information for every individual based on their farm location, crop, season, field size, planting material, sowing date and other parameters.
  • Along with vital farming information, the crop calendar also informs the farmers the exact date of implementation of each of their activities.
  • This calculation is done scientifically, for which along with research, weather forecast is also done.
  • It also tells about the right dosage of fertilizers, chemicals and other products needed to increase the yield of the crop.

Other features of the app 

  • The app gives expert advice for cultivation of Sugarcane, Potato, Soyabean, Chilli, Cotton and Paddy.
  • To record all types of transactions, a digital diary is available in the app, which is called ‘Digital Account’.
  • ‘Len-Den Diary’ or transaction diary facility is available to help farmers keep track of their finances.
  • The app also prevents crop failure by providing information to farmers about crop diseases and pest management.
  • Through Krish-e app, farmers can even take farming equipments on rent.
  • Also, you can call on this number 18002661555 for any query or problem related to agriculture.
  • Agriculture consultant will give you information about crop rotation, potato seed treatment, crop solution, fertilizer management, pest management, crop maintenance, soil test, crop disease.
Krish-e App
Agricultural equipment rent. Image Credits: Krish-e App


You can add your transaction details 

This app also works for farmers to keep a diary or record of said account. In Digital Farm Diary, farmers can write about every small and big expenditure in farming like purchase, sale, transaction, loan or other expenses incurred at that time. The facility of auto calculator has been given in the app itself, that is, as soon as the number is entered, it will be calculated automatically.

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Available in 8 languages 

Krish-e app is available in English, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Gujarati, Punjabi languages. The purpose of this app is to increase the income of farmers by increasing their yield per acre. The app has been designed in such a way that the farmer can easily understand and follow the important advice given in it. It educates the farmers about the benefits of Krish-e App through audio and video content in the language of their choice.

Agricultural equipment rent. Image Credits: Krish-e App

How to download and rent Agricultural equipment? 

Krish-e app can be easily downloaded from Google Play Store. You will get this app on Play Store under the name of Krishe: Farming & agriculture app for Kisan Krishi. As soon as you install the app, you have to enter your number in it and then fill the OTP received on the phone. Then you can use it.

The traditional method of farming is now obsolete. In today’s era, new techniques related to farming are being invented so that along with increasing the yield of the crop, farmers can get more profit in less labour and their standard of living can be improved.

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