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Vegetable Farming: How to prepare good quality seedlings?

A good variety of seedlings is essential for making profit from vegetable cultivation.


If new technology is used in Vegetable farming, then more profit can be earned from less space. But, for this, special care is needed while making a nursery, besides good quality seeds. In order to get a good crop of vegetables, their seedlings are first prepared in the nursery amidst good care. Bishnupur district of Manipur is considered a vegetable hub because the farmers here are preparing vegetable seedlings with new and advanced technology. This results in lower farming costs and higher profits.

What is a corrugated galvanized sheet?

While preparing the nursery for vegetables, after planting the seeds in the beds, they are covered with sackcloth or straw until germination. This helps in faster germination. Ningthoujam Ingocha Singh, a farmer from Kumbi Terakha village in Bishnupur district is cultivating various vegetables on his 0.5-hectare land. For this, along with traditional methods, he also uses scientific techniques. He uses Corrugated Galvanized Sheets instead of the traditional sackcloth to cover the vegetable beds in the nursery. This innovation of his is excellent because it produces quality seedlings and gives more yield of vegetables.

new technology for growing vegetables
Image Credits: ICAR

How is this technology used?

• After selecting the nursery site, it is cleaned first of all. After removing the waste material, excavation is done.

• Nursery beds are dug manually with the help of spades. The size of nursery beds may vary depending on the site chosen.

• Then, the soil is prepared by mixing dung manure and sand.

• The beds are leveled before planting the seeds. Different marks are made by drawing lines with the help of wood at a distance of about 8 cm so that the seeds can be planted in a row.

• After sowing, the soil is covered with a thin layer of manure and watered with the help of a small water fountain, Rosecan.

• The beds are then covered with a corrugated galvanized sheet which provides heat to the soil and also retains its moisture. This helps in the early germination of seeds.

• After the seeds have germinated, the corrugated galvanized sheets are removed and stored for reuse.


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Advantages of this technology

This innovation helps retain the soil moisture which requires less irrigation. Soil does not decompose and its nutrition is maintained. It produces good quality seedlings and germination is faster. Galvanized sheets can be reused, reducing costs. The purpose of inventing this technology was to increase income by reducing the cost of the cultivation of vegetables. This technique has proved highly successful. Ningthoujam Ingocha Singh is not only raising saplings for himself but is also earning money by producing quality seedlings and selling them to the local market and neighboring farmers. During 2018-19, he earned a profit of Rs 5.25 lakh from just 0.5 hectares of land.

You too can earn more profit by using this technique.

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