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Rs 5 lakh annual income with management of vegetable cultivation

Know how the income of this farmer of Nagaland reached heights, along with production, proper marketing is also necessary for more profit


The interest of the youth in agriculture is less, but slowly this picture is changing. Now many youths are making farming their main business and doing new experiments in it for more profit. Moatemsu, a 32-year-old farmer from Nagaland, improved his economic condition by cultivating high-value vegetables. Not only this, but after the successful production of vegetables, they also do proper marketing to get a fair price for the crop. The skill-based training program has been a major contributor to Moatemsu’s success, as it is where he got the right information and mentorship.

Cultivation and marketing of high-value vegetables 

Moatemsu has 1.45 hectares of cultivable land on which he cultivates maize, broccoli, cabbage, okra, and papaya. But the income from this was not much. Then after attending a skill-based training program, he started producing high-value vegetables. From this, he started making a good profit. After participating in the program, they got to know about improved varieties of high-value crops like Sweet Corn, Hybrid Papaya (Red Lady), Broccoli, Chinese Cabbage, Sugar Beet, Carrot, and Okra. Then he started cultivating them. A skill-based program on ‘Production, Post-harvest Management and Marketing of Vegetables’ was organized by Agricultural Technology Management Agency (ATMA), Mokokchung under STRY in August 2019. The program highlighted not only the production of high-value vegetables but also timely delivery to the market to fetch higher prices.

How much income? 

He is earning around 5 lakh 20 thousand rupees annually from the cultivation of high-value vegetables and the right market.

vegetable cultivation

Benefits of Training Programs 

Based on the knowledge gained during the program, Moatemsu was able to diversify into producing and marketing high-value crops. On the basis of the technical information obtained during this, he was successful in cultivating vegetables on a commercial scale. Moatemsu along with his friends formed a group of six members and started a vegetable farm named ‘Healthy Harvest’. With the profit from this farm, he bought a vehicle, which was used to transport the crops from the farm to the market.

Moatemsu’s success attracted other youths of the village to take up farming and proved that farming is the backbone of the economy. Moatemsu also inspired fellow farmers.

vegetable cultivation
Image Credit: agrifarming

Information given on these topics in the program 

Importance of vegetable cultivation in Kharif and Rabi season, scope of vegetable cultivation, status of vegetable production in the state, best packaging of vegetables, pest and disease management, importance of post harvest management of vegetables, post harvest management tips methods, cleaning, sorting and grading, transportation and cold storage systems, packaging and labelling, making value added products like pickles, ketchups and sauces, group farming and importance of group marketing.

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