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Cardamom Cultivation Ultimate Guide: Techniques From Seed Sowing To Harvest

Cardamom cultivation in India, primarily in Kerala, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, thrives in humid, tropical climates. It’s a labor-intensive crop known for its aromatic seeds, used in cooking and medicine.

Vertical Farming Revolution: Potential In Indian Vegetable Production 

The global surge in vertical farming is indicative of its transformative potential, with market projections soaring to USD 12.77 billion by 2026. Vertical farming in India presents shaping the landscape of agricultural innovation in the nation. 

Top 5 Mahindra Tractor Models For Small To Large-Scale Farming

The top five Mahindra tractor models which are the first choice of Indian farmers are listed below.

National Science Day 2024: Reviving Indigenous Agricultural Technologies For Sustainability

Indigenous agricultural technologies are often passed down orally from one generation to the next and are adapted to local environmental conditions, resources, and cultural practices.

ISRO ‘Bhuvan’: Exploring Agroforestry Potential In India

The tool explores the potential of agroforestry in transforming wastelands and contributing to a more sustainable future for agriculture.

‘Pantoea Tagorei’ And Its Potential For Sustainable Farming

The bacteria, called Pantoea Tagorei, has shown immense potential in enhancing crop productivity and improving soil health, offering a ray of hope for Indian agriculture.

Agricultural Residues: Environmental-Friendly Sustainable Cooking

Traditionally, these residues have been under utilized and often burned or left to decompose in the fields. However, with the growing interest in sustainable practices, the residues can now be used as a valuable source of energy for cooking.

India’s Purple Revolution For Northeast Farmers

With continued support and investment, saffron cultivation has the potential to transform the agricultural landscape of the region and position India as a global leader in saffron production.

Power Of Agro-Textiles Leading To A Sustainable Future

Agro-textiles have revolutionized the agricultural industry in India with the use of the latest technology.

COP28 In Dubai Has Indirect Effect On Agriculture In India

By actively participating in the conference and advocating for sustainable agriculture practices, India can contribute to global efforts in combating climate change and securing a sustainable future for its agriculture sector.

Polyhouse Flower Farming Success: Ravi Sharma’s Rs 35 Lakh Annual Turnover Story

Ravi Sharma returned to his village and chose to specialize in polyhouse flower farming. He has adopted natural farming methods for this purpose. He grows flowers in a polyhouse.

Fruits that are commonly mistaken for vegetables

Botanically speaking, a fruit is the mature ovary of a flower that contains seeds, while a vegetable refers to other parts of a plant such as roots, leaves, or stems.

How Birds Support Farmers In The Agricultural Sector? What factors Need To Be Considered?

From pest control to pollination, birds have become natural allies for farmers, ensuring sustainable and productive farming practices. By protecting birds and their habitats, India can continue to benefit from the invaluable services these feathered allies provide to its agriculture sector.

Harvesting and Storing Pumpkin and Winter Squash

Curing involves leaving the squash in a warm (about 80-85°F), well-ventilated area for 10-14 days.

Hemlata’s Inspiring Journey To Launch A Millet Bakery In Chhattisgarh Under Startup India

The variety list of dishes made from millet is quite long. Hemlata, a resident of Chhattisgarh, started Millet Bakery under Startup India.

Makhana Farming: Chhattisgarh Farmer Gajendra Chandrakar Adopted Advanced Technology In Makhana Cultivation

By this method, Makhana is cultivated in agricultural land filled with water up to 1 feet. Farmers are now earning more profits by cultivating Makhana than paddy. Farmers of Chhattisgarh state have become very aware about the cultivation of this super food Makhana.

Transforming Goat Farming With New Techniques

The innovations in goat farming in India are aimed at enhancing the livelihoods of farmers and meeting the increasing demand for goat products in the domestic and international markets.

Pearl farming along with fish farming, Pooja Vishwakarma is known as ‘Pearl Queen’

Pooja Vishwakarma started pearl farming business 6 years ago with a cost of Rs 40 thousand. After struggling continuously for 2 years, she got success.

When To Consider Tractor Refinancing On Your Old tractor?

Guest Blog: TractorKarvan | We have made it easy for you by providing a comprehensive list of signals indicating the right time to consider tractor refinancing.

Father Of India’s Green Revolution: The Legacy Of Dr. MS Swaminathan

From pioneering high-yielding crops to improving food security, Dr. MS Swaminathan’s legacy will forever inspire generations to come.

IISER Research: Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Crop Residue Burning

The study pinpoints Punjab as the highest emitter, with 27% of its cultivated area burned in 2020. Madhya Pradesh follows closely.

Plant Hormones and Animal Hormones: A Comparative Analysis

Plant hormones and animal hormones are similar in several ways. Both types are chemical messengers that regulate various physiological processes within their respective organisms. They help in coordinating growth, development, and reproduction, as well as responding to internal and external stimuli.

How daughter’s illness paved the way for making Millet Products?

These days everyone is busy promoting millets products. People are taking millets products in their hands. GEGGLE is one such company that manufactures millets products.

Dr. Rashmi Limbu tells how Krishi Vigyan Kendra is giving training on Millets Products

Krishi Vigyan Kendra is spreading awareness among people about the nutritional value of millets. Along with this, training related to millets products is also being imparted for Millets Products Processing. We came to know about this from Dr. Rashmi Limbu.

New Varieties of Soybean will give more yield and good profit to the farmers

One of these new varieties is such that farmers can plant two different crops in a year. For those farmers, these new soybean varieties can be the first choice. Sanjay Gupta, Principal Scientist of Indore-based Indian Institute of Soybean Research, has developed this variety.

Automatic Solar Light Trap: How to protect crops from pests?

Farmers and companies are jointly promoting organic farming or natural farming in Uttarakhand. In such a situation, many such Agri-Equipment are being made by the companies, which will help the farmers and there will be no damage to the crops. One such Agri-Equipment is the Automatic Solar Light Trap.

Spice Farming: Purushottam Jhamaji Bhude set up a market for the farmers

Purushottam Jhamaji Bhude from Nagpur, Maharashtra, told Kisan of India that he often saw how far-flung farmers had to travel miles to sell their crops. Despite that, he could not get the right price. In the beginning, he contacted the farmers of his area doing spice farming and then the caravan went on.

How Light Pollution affects Agriculture in India?

It is a proven fact now that artificial light pollution interrupts with the cycle of the plant and have a significant impact on pollination and agriculture. Directly or indirectly, this interrupts with the farming of crops and its growth.

Capsicum grown in Polyhouse, using Plastic Mulching Technique

Growing vegetables like capsicum and cucumber in polyhouse instead of open field proves beneficial for the farmers as the crop is not affected by the weather. Farmer Nepal Singh Parihar of Madhya Pradesh is earning handsomely from the cultivation of cucumber and capsicum in the polyhouse.

Sanchit Agarwal tells how Farmers can prepare the Market for Organic Farming

A computer science graduate from Delhi has not only adopted organic farming himself, but is also motivating farmers for the same. In this article, know how Sanchit Agarwal encouraged the farmers for market availability and organic farming, what methods to adopt.

Dairy Farmers must cultivate Napier grass for more income, know how it will be beneficial?

By cultivating Napier grass in about half a bigha field, green fodder can be provided to 4-5 animals throughout the year. If the farmer cultivates Napier grass in more area than his requirement, then it can also earn cash crops.

Adopt Azolla to get better income from Kadaknath Poultry Farming

As the heat increases, the growth of chickens slows down because they eat less food and drink more water. Or rather, chickens need more energy to cope with the temperature change. This can be compensated only by a diet rich in protein, amino acids, and mineral salts, which is also cheap. Azolla fulfills all these conditions as a feed for Kadaknath poultry.

How is Pusa Krishi Haat making the market available to the Farmers?

It is a big challenge for farmer-entrepreneurs to sell the product after preparing it, because they do not get much profit due to not getting the right market. To overcome this problem, Pusa Krishi Haat has been started by the Agriculture Department.

Know from Farmer Prem Pal about the things to keep in mind for profitable Chilli Farming

Prem Pal, who started farming around 30 years ago to support the family, says he started chilli farming out of compulsion but continued after seeing the profits it made.

How is the CARI-NIRBHEEK variety in Backyard Poultry Farming becoming the choice of Poultry Farmers?

One of the best ways to increase employment and income in rural areas is to keep poultry in the backyard of the house. To increase the profits from backyard poultry farming, scientists are working towards developing improved breeds of chickens. One such breed is the CARI-NIRBHEEK.

Know how beneficial is the cultivation of Statice Flower as demand increases continuously

By cultivating flowers, farmers can earn profit for a long time with low cost, because once they are planted, flowers can be plucked and sold again and again. Floriculture is also profitable because the demand for flowers is continuously increasing. Along with other flowers, the statice flower is also becoming very popular.

How to manage Diseases in Basmati Paddy? What are the remedies?

Paddy is cultivated on a large scale in India and Asian countries. Although many varieties of paddy are grown in our country, but the most popular is Basmati paddy. It has a good demand in the country as well as abroad, but if the farmers do not use pesticides carefully, then there is a risk of loss.

Tomato Farming turned an Andhra Pradesh Farmer into a Millionaire in 45 Days!

Whereas, tomato farmers mainly from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Himachal Pradesh, have turned millionaires. It’s the steep rise in tomato prices this season that turned around the fortune of an Andhra Pradesh-based farmer who has earned Rs 4 crore in 45 days.

Mahogany Farming can become a great earning source for pulses farmers

Due to its valuable properties, the oil of mahogany leaves and seeds is used in mosquito repellents and insecticides, as well as in products such as soap and paint-varnish. Obviously, mahogany farming can be a great way to increase income for the farmers of the plains of North India.

Weed Management: How to control weeds in Kharif crops? Know the methods suggested by ICAR

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow on their own between crops. Due to these, crops can be damaged. That’s why their proper management is necessary, otherwise the farmers may have to bear the economic loss. Know some methods of weed control.

How to cultivate Sarguja in less fertile land? Know what to keep in mind

Like groundnut, sesame, asli, rapeseed is also an oilseed crop, which is mainly grown by tribal farmers of Jharkhand. Its oil is very beneficial, which is used from food to medicine. Know the important things related to the cultivation of Sarguja.

Potato Farming: How much yield will be available in which variety

Potato contains 80-82 percent water, 14 percent starch, 2 percent sugar, 2 percent protein, and 1 percent mineral salts. Potatoes contain 0.1 percent fat and a small amount of vitamins.

Farming Tractors: Increase the yield of your Kharif Crops by using these 5 Best Tractors

Guest Blog: TractorKarvan | Tractor is such a gift of science and technology, which has played an important role in doing agricultural works in an easy and advanced way since its inception. Know about 5 such best tractors, with which you can increase the yield of Kharif crops by doing agricultural works in an advanced way.

Vermicompost Business: Know what precautions Ram Pandey of Noida takes in his business

Vermicompost, also known as earthworm compost, is a nutrient-rich organic fertilizer that is prepared with the help of cow dung and earthworms. Earthworms are very important in this process. Therefore, by taking proper care of earthworms, a good profit can be earned from the business.

Top 10 Farm Machineries Useful For farmers In This Kharif Season

The Kharif season requires adequate rainfall, fertile soil, and the right farm machinery so that farmers can make the most of this season and maximize their crop yield. Discover the top 10 must-have farm machineries for the Kharif season.

Nursery Business: Alka Sahni of Nagpur is not only making profit, but also spreading awareness

Trees and plants not only give relief to the eyes, but also supply oxygen to us and make the environment clean. In such a situation, Alka Sahni of Nagpur started nursery business with the aim of motivating people to plant more and more trees.

Know which breed of cow is best in India and gives how much milk

Desi cow’s milk is in high demand considering its nutritional value. Even to small children, doctors advise giving cow’s milk after mother’s milk. Let us know about the indigenous cow and its breeds today.

Cinnamon cures every disease, Know about all its benefits

When cinnamon leaves are rubbed, it smells very strong. But this cinnamon is useful in curing many diseases.

Horticultural Crops: Production estimated to be a new record, Know the figures

India ranks second in gross production of horticulture crops and fruits. Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal are the top states in horticulture production followed by Uttar Pradesh.

Seed Germination Test: Must do testing before sowing to increase income

Farmers must understand the nuances of seed germination tests because if the farmers do not get the assurance of the quality of the seeds at the right time, then all the money and labor spent in farming eventually becomes a loss deal. Having accurate knowledge of the germination capacity of the seeds makes it easy to decide the right rate of seeds at the time of sowing.

Management of sucking pests is necessary for more profit from Sugarcane

Sugarcane is the main cash crop of the country and the main raw material for the sugar industry. That’s why sugarcane cultivation is beneficial for the farmers, but the crop suffers a lot due to the outbreak of sap-sucking insects. In such a situation, their management becomes very important.

Proper care of Cattle is necessary in monsoon, Know the methods of Rescue

The rainy season brings many diseases not only for humans but also for cattle. That’s why animal rearers need special care of animals in this season, otherwise animals may die.

Bhukripa Farms: How this Agri-Startup made a business out of hill produce?

Some people make a career by following the leak, while some people have the desire to work differently from others. One such youth is Suraj Singh Rawat of Uttarakhand, who has set an example for others by starting a business related to agriculture after doing engineering.

Jackfruit Farming: How to earn extra? Scientists of ICAR-IIHR prepared 3 Agri-Products

Jackfruit farming farmers can earn by selling their produce, but to increase the income, it is also very important to know about the value-added products made from it.

Energy Conservation is the need of the hour – Women can play a vital role

Whether it is home, industry or agriculture, energy is needed in every field, without it no work can be done. But regrettably, its rapidly growing demand has created a shortage of energy, in such a situation, it is very important to know about energy conservation measures and adopt them.

Ashwagandha Cultivation: Good income even on barren land, earn 6-7 times profit

Ashwagandha is cultivated on about 5000 hectares in the country. Its annual production is about 1600 tonnes, while the demand is 7000 tonnes. That’s why farmers do not face any problems in getting good prices of Ashwagandha in the market. This plant is found in all other parts except cold regions. But it is widely cultivated in Mandsaur, Neemuch, Manasa, Javad, Bhanpura districts of western Madhya Pradesh and Nagaur district of neighboring Rajasthan. Nagauri Ashwagandha also has a different identity in the market.

Animal Feed: Why the country needs a massive feed revolution now?

India ranks first in the world in terms of livestock and milk production. There is still a need for about 36 percent green fodder, 11 percent dry fodder, and 44 percent balanced animal feed in the country compared to the demand. That’s why the time has come on the lines of the Green Revolution, White Revolution, and Blue Revolution. The Indian agricultural economy should now rush toward the fodder revolution.

Castor Farming: A commercial crop with higher returns than any other oilseed

Even with castor cultivation alone, farmers can earn more profit annually than traditional crops. Cultivation of castor, along with other crops increases the yield. It is quickly sold and its cultivation earns about one and a half times more than the cost. This ratio of profit is better than any other edible oilseed crop.

Solar Powered Paddy Threshing Machine is beneficial for small farmers

Along with sowing and harvesting paddy, threshing is also very laborious. To make paddy threshing machines accessible to hilly areas and small farmers, scientists have developed paddle-operated and solar-powered threshing devices, which are economical and lightweight.

Water Testing: Quality of irrigation is directly related to earning, clean water gives more yield

In a large irrigated area of ​​the country, crops are washed with saline or alkaline water of poor quality. This is the reason that despite the total irrigated area of ​​India being more than all the countries of the world, the productivity of our farms is low. This is where it becomes all the more important to test the water.

Seaweed Farming: Know how it can become a source of tremendous income

After fisheries, coconut farming and tourism, seaweed farming is now becoming a new source of income for the people of Lakshadweep. The administration is trying to set it up as an enterprise.

Modern Farming: MBA degree holder Akhilesh Pandey went from zero to earning in lakhs

Akhilesh Pandey, who hails from Madhya Pradesh, wanted to pursue a career in marketing and management, but fate had something else in store for him. Today he has made his mark through modern farming.

Why is Pune Anjali’s model of Poshan Vatika a hit?

Anjali made a nutrition garden of 200 square meters. How did it benefit him and other farmers? Learn how this model helps small and marginal farmers in this article.

Agriculture expert Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh tells about prevention of weeds in Kharif crops?

Some noxious weeds like carrot grass and Datura reduce the quality of crop production and threaten the health of humans and animals. That’s why farmers need to pay special attention to their management. Farmers had a particular conversation with Dr. Sandeep Kumar Singh, Head of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Burhanpur, Madhya Pradesh, and Senior Agricultural Scientist of Agronomy, on how to prevent weeds.

Pig Farming: Karnataka Farmer reduced cost of rearing pigs, used advanced techniques

Somanna Siddappa Bhasagi, a resident of Alamel village in Karnataka, used to do only sugarcane earlier. He turned to Pig Farming in 2014.

Strawberry Farming: Abdul Ahad Mir is earning well by making his village ‘Strawberry Village’

Abdul Ahad Mir is a resident of Vanihama village in Jammu and Kashmir. Strawberry farming has added sweetness to the lives of the farmers of this mountainous village who are deprived of facilities.

Curry Leaf Cultivation is a means of earning year after year

Curry leaves are a cheap and healthy spice full of medicinal properties. That’s why organic fertilizers should always be used in curry leaves cultivation. Its demand remains throughout the year. Its raw and soft leaves are more valuable and useful than cooked leaves. The outbreak of diseases and pests is also significantly less on this.

Horse Rearing: Country’s first Private Equine Semen Laboratory

Every horse breeder desires to have good breed horses. But this is not possible in natural conception. That’s why nowadays, scientists have developed the technique of artificially inseminating mares. But for this work, good quality stallion sperm will be required, for which a private Equine Semen Laboratory has been set up in Pune. Know about this technique related to horse rearing.

Tribal fishermen of Manipur are doing advanced fish farming by adopting Pen Culture Technique

Agriculture and fisheries are the primary sources of livelihood for the tribal population of Manipur. Fish is also their primary food. But the needs of the state’s population could not be met from its own water sources, due to which fish had to be imported from other states, but after adopting the pen culture technique, not only the livelihood of the tribals improved, but also the production of fish increased.

Strawberry Farming: Bashir Dange is earning good profit with new technology

Red-colored juicy strawberries are delicious to eat and a good source of income for the farmers. With new technology, farmers can earn profit by getting more production in less space. Mahabaleshwar’s farmer Bashir Dange is doing strawberry farming.

Vermicompost business of a retired soldier, giving free training

The first requirement of organic farming is organic manure, and there can be no better manure than vermicompost. That’s why its demand is increasing. You can also earn well from the vermicompost business in such a situation.

Heat Stress In Dairy Animals: Decline in global milk production due to heat, adopt 10 home remedies for protection

India is the world’s largest milk-producing country. Cows in India are troubled by the heat. Cattle farmers have to face the problem of decreasing milk production during the summer. Due to the challenges of heat and climate change, the animal husbandry experts of India have also advised cattle rearers to protect their milch animals from extreme heat and heat stroke.

Weekly market is hit among women farmers, saves time and money

For the poor women of Karnataka who are associated with self-help groups, the Karnataka government’s Sanjeevani scheme is a ray of hope. The objective of this scheme is to make women economically self-reliant by providing training and marketing facilities. In this article, know how the weekly markets are proving to be a boon for the women of Karnataka.

Solar Energy Village: People of Modhera village in Gujarat do not pay electricity bills

Solar energy is the best alternative to electricity. Solar Energy Village is a boon, especially for rural areas, where electricity is only sometimes available and where poor farmers cannot pay the electricity bill. Solar energy can solve the problem of power shortage. Modhera village in Gujarat is an example of this.

Tussar Silk Production: Farmers of tribal areas of Jharkhand, making their livelihood through silkworm rearing

Farmers from the tribal areas of Jharkhand are not only producing Tussar silk but have also created a brand out of it. Sarees, tablecloths, covers, and many other types of clothes are made from this silk. The Palash brand is making a splash all around today.

Farmers will get additional income from Tendu Leaf Business

Even today many families in rural areas make beedis for livelihood, and the most commonly used leaf for making beedis is tendu leaf. So farmers can earn extra by cultivating it.

Lac Insect Rearing on Arhar is a profitable deal, Know its method

Lac is a pest that is commonly cultivated on palas, safflower, and ber trees. Lac insect rearing on Arhar is easier than on other trees and farmers can get extra profit from it without much effort.

Ornamental Prawn Cultivation: Women of Lakshadweep becoming self-sufficient

In the scattered islands of Lakshadweep, apart from fishing, there was no alternative source of income, especially for women. Now ICAR-NBFGR has given them a new means of livelihood in the form of ornamental shrimp farming.

Liquid Nanoclay Technology: How is it making sandy land fertile?

Every day new experiments are being done in the field of agriculture. One of these experiments is nanoclay technology, due to which succulent fruits and vegetables can be grown even in the desert. This technique has been successfully used in UAE.

Embryo Transfer Technology: Country’s first Marwari horse was born through surrogacy

The number of horses in the country has decreased drastically over the years. That’s why scientists are continuously working towards increasing the number of horses, primarily indigenous breeds. In this episode, he succeeded with the embryo transfer technique.

Rotary Disc Drill: An efficient and powerful tool for post-harvest stubble and residue management

Crop residue burning is a serious problem in northern India, causing damage to both the soil and the environment. To tackle this problem, ICAR has developed the Rotary Disc Drill (RDD) machine. With its help, direct sowing of crops can be done without burning the stubble.

Mushroom Processing: How is the commercial processing of mushroom done?

What should mushroom growers do if they want to consume their mushrooms? It is impractical for these farmers to buy processed mushrooms from cities and use them. Therefore, if they learn to mushroom processing at their homes, apart from their personal needs, they can also provide processed mushrooms to relatives and guests.

Biochar: Domestic and Scientific method of making soil fertile, know why its Unique

The direct effect of improved soil properties using biochar is visible in crop and yield. This reduces farmers’ dependence on chemical fertilizers and the cost of cultivation. Therefore, biochar has been considered an easy and essential means of increasing the income of farmers.

Amaranth Cultivation: 10 advanced varieties give good yield, rich in many nutrients

Amaranth is also considered a medicinal plant. This is the only plant in which gold is found. Its root, stem, leaf, and fruit are all useful. Agricultural scientists have invented many varieties for the farmers cultivating amaranth. Let us tell you about those varieties.

Use of Spot Fertilizer Applicator is beneficial in Cotton Cultivation

Cotton is an important commercial crop from which farmers can earn good profits. Not only does cotton provide the raw material for the textile industry, but oil is also made from its seeds. Cotton has always been in demand, so farmers can increase production using spot fertilizer applicators.

Kathiya Wheat Farming: Adopt Kathiya wheat varieties for more income

The demand for Kathiya wheat is increasing rapidly among health-conscious people, because of the ‘Beta Carotene’ found in it. In the market also, farmers get a fair price for Kathiya wheat. In this way, Kathiya wheat is essential in economically strengthening its producer farmers. That’s why more and more farmers want to prioritize Kathiya varieties only if they grow wheat.

Azolla Cultivation: Beneficial for animals as well as for paddy crop

Azolla is an excellent green fodder for animals, which farmers can easily grow. Growing Azolla is very easy. All it needs is water. Apart from this, there is no need of any kind of manure or fertilizer. It keeps doubling itself. How Azolla farming can be beneficial for the farmers, watch a special conversation with Hina Kaushar, subject matter specialist of plant protection.

Amaranth Cultivation: Why is it beneficial for farmers with small holdings?

Both saag (vegetables) and dana (cereals) obtained from amaranth are cash crops. Amaranth cultivation only requires a little water. About 200 grams of seed is required per acre for amaranth cultivation. Know such information related to amaranth cultivation.

Kitchen Garden: Atithi Popli has been growing Vegetables and Herbs for last 25 years

People who cannot fulfill their gardening hobby due to the lack of space in the city can learn from Atithi Popli. She has been growing vegetables and herbs in a pot and a small space in front of the house for 25 years.

Sesame Cultivation: Why it is beneficial for Farmers to Cultivate Sesame in Summer?

Sesame farming is generally not considered a profitable deal, because of its low yield, but if sesame farming is done in an advanced way, it can prove to be beneficial for the farmers. It would be better to cultivate sesame in summer season with improved variety seeds, because this season is suitable for sesame.

Plastic Mulching Technology: Unique way to reduce costs in Fruit and Vegetable Farming

Due to the plastic mulching technique, after irrigation once, the moisture remains in the fields for a long time. Weeds do not grow because the area around the stems of young plants planted or sprouted in this technique is covered with plastic. Therefore, there is neither the labor cost of weeding nor the need for weed-killing chemical medicines to remove or destroy them. On the other hand, in conventional farming, the fertile power of the soil, which is taken over by the weeds, remains in the soil due to the plastic mulching technique and is used only for the plants of that crop whose cultivation has been chosen by the farmer.

Combat the challenges of Climate Change through Millets Farming

As the production of wheat and paddy increased under the Green Revolution, the dishes made of nutritious coarse grains from the Indian plates and their per capita consumption kept decreasing. Generally, the yield of coarse grains is less than paddy. But in some country districts, the yield of rainfed coarse cereals is better than that of paddy. That is why the cultivation of coarse grains is the need of the hour for climate adaptation and increasing grain production.

The ‘Nairobi fly’ is the friend of the crop, but farmers should be careful

The ‘Nairobi fly’ neither bites a human being nor does it sting, but wherever it sits on the body, it secretes a substance called ‘Pederin’. Apart from itching and burning, it causes wounds on the body. That is why it is also called the ‘dragon bug.’ The most crucial instruction regarding the ‘Nairobi fly’ is that if it sits on its body, it should be blown away without touching it, and if the body is scratched, one should strictly avoid touching the eyes with that hand.

Vermicompost Business: Dr. Shravan Yadav gives free training to farmers to make vermicompost

Organic farming is necessary for quality nutritious crop production along with reducing soil and environmental pollution. Vermicompost is the most significant requirement in organic farming. Know how Dr. Shravan Kumar is giving training regarding vermicompost business.

Millets Products: Cake made from millets reached Parliament House

It is generally believed that healthy things are not tasty, but if a bit of creativity is shown then this thing can be proved wrong as Dr. Sumit Soni of Jodhpur did. He made such a delicious cake from coarse grains that MPs and even Prime Minister Narendra Modi liked the taste.

Ram Kishore overcome his financial crisis by cultivating Green Chilli

A farmer from Madhya Pradesh has increased his income by cultivating green chilies and solved significant problems like employment and migration. How did he act on scientific advice? How much profit did he make? Know in this article.

Ankush Giri succeeded in Pearl Farming by learning from failures

If you have less land or no land at all and are thinking of doing some new business to earn a good profit, then pearl farming is a good business. A young farmer in Haryana, Ankush Giri is getting a good income from this business.

Millet Farming: Parvati build her Farming Business worth 50 lakh with an Investment of Rs 20,000

Millet cereal crops like jowar and bajra are not only good for health but also good for the agricultural economy. How did Parvathy Shetty, who cultivates millets, achieve a significant position? Know in this article.

Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation: Increasing the income of agriculture by saving water

In Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and Chhattisgarh, more than 93 percent of the cultivable land has so far been brought under micro-irrigation methods. In this context, the achievements of Rajasthan are at the forefront. Rajasthan’s share in the country’s total area under sprinkler irrigation method is more than one-third. On the other hand, farmers in Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Tamil Nadu have shown more inclination towards drip irrigation than drip irrigation.

Millets Product: Highlights of Uttarakhand Shree Anna Mahotsav

The cultivation of millets is being encouraged across the country. In this series, a four-day Uttarakhand ‘Shree Anna’ Mahotsav was organized by the Agriculture Department, Uttarakhand, at Hathibarkala in Dehradun. Many farmers, startups, and self-help groups participated in it.

Animal Husbandry: Cheap, Accessible and Nutritious Animal Feed

Avoid feeding animals the same diet that we eat. Sometimes leftover bread or peels of green vegetables in the kitchen can be fed as animal feed, but it is not sensible to feed expensive food items like milk, honey, almonds, raisins, desi ghee etc. to animals. They may not cause any harm to the animals, but they do not benefit at all.

Potato Varieties: 10 best varieties of potatoes to increase income

It’s the potato-digging season. By the way, in many areas of our country, potatoes are produced throughout the year. If you are also cultivating potatoes and want to increase your income, then cultivate some unique varieties of potatoes with a high yield.

Intercropping With Sugarcane: Farmers must try ​​Papaya and Sugarcane co-cropping

If sugarcane farmers plant other crops along with sugarcane, they get a good income. Papaya crop can be prepared quickly and it does not take up much space in the sugarcane field. That’s why growing papaya along with sugarcane gives double benefits. Purvanchal of Uttar Pradesh has an abundance of loamy and sandy soil. Such soil is good for sugarcane and very beneficial for papaya.

Broadcasting Method in Paddy Cultivation reduced the Cost

Rupireddy Lakshmi cultivates paddy on 8 acres. She is using the direct sowing technique, which is also called the Broadcasting Method, instead of the traditional method. Know what this technique is.

Woman adopted Papaya Farming and Pig Farming with Joha Rice Farming

Deepika Rabha, an Assam’s Goalpara district resident, cultivates fragrant joha rice on 12 bighas of land. Joha Rice of Assam has got a GI tag. It takes 120 to 160 days to get ready.

Tribal women of Mizoram are earning well by making plates of Betel Leaves

Thermocol and paper plates are now a thing of the past. After the plastic ban, thermocol plates stopped being available in the market. In such a situation, people are looking for a suitable alternative, which is being fulfilled by betel leaves. Plates made of Betel leaves are in good demand in the market these days and have become a boon for the tribal women of Mizoram.

GOA BIO-1 will give good yield of paddy even in moist soil

Due to excessive salt in the soil of the coastal areas of Goa, i.e., having saline soil, the yield of paddy was very low, for which the scientists found a solution by inventing a bio-formulation. Good donation yields can be obtained by improving moist soils.

Mixed-Cropping Technique is becoming a hit in Coconut Farming

Lenishavas was interested in Fashion Designing, but her association with agriculture was such that she decided to pursue a career in agriculture after training. Today she is known for the Mixed-Cropping technique.

Agri-Business: Rural woman went from farm to market, found success

Taraben Thakur is running her agri-business anyway. Also, many self-help groups he trained have opened their processing units today and are doing good business.

10 home remedies recommended by scientists to save animals from heat

Due to severe heat stress, body temperature, heart rate, and blood pressure increase in animals. Forage intake can be reduced by up to 35 percent. Indigenous breeds of animals still tolerate high temperature, but foreign and hybrid breeds have less ability to tolerate it.

Infrastructure provided by Jammu and Kashmir government for Lavender Cultivation

The mission aims to increase the income of the farmers and promote lavender cultivation on commercial scale. Lavender oil, which sells for, at least, Rs. 10,000 per liter, is the main commodity. Other popular products include medicines, incense sticks, soaps, and air fresheners.

Donkey Farming: Young Man built India’s largest Donkey Farm

You must have heard about cow, buffalo, and goat farming. But do you know about donkey farming? There is also a lot of profit in this. The price of donkey’s milk is excellent in the market.

Bio Priming: Organic Seed Vaccination method extremely useful in reducing the Cost of Cultivation and Increasing Profits?

Due to seed vaccination, where about 30 percent more yields are obtained. On the other hand, due to the decrease in production cost, the profit of farming also increases significantly. Seed vaccination is a cheap and straightforward method. But most of the farmers in India do not have knowledge of the method of seed vaccination or they do not use them.

IPM Technology help get rid of pests that harm the Coconut crop

Along with cashew, coconut is also cultivated on a large scale in Goa. But due to insects like red palm weevil and rhinoceros beetle, farmers suffered a lot of crop loss because these insects destroyed the crop entirely. To deal with this problem, ICAR developed a unique IPM technique.

Ramie Farming: Green Fodder rich in Nutritious Properties, also used in Fiber Production

Farmers often have to deal with the problem of green fodder for their animals in the summer. In such a situation, Rami farming can solve their problem, because it is a low-cost farming and animals can get green fodder throughout the year.

What is Air Pressure Technique in Pomegranate Cultivation?

Pomegranate is cultivated by preparing saplings. Apart from seeds, its plants can be prepared by pen and air pressure. Know about air pressure techniques in pomegranate cultivation.

Dairy Cattles: How to protect newborn calves from diseases at birth and after birth

Newborn calves grow up to be used in the dairy industry, so it is necessary to take proper care of them to protect them from diseases. If many calves die due to disease, it causes economic loss to the cattle rearers.

Chicory Cultivation: Beneficial for Animals as well as Human Health

Chicory, usually a roadside weed, is an excellent forage for livestock that is cheap and available all year round. Its cultivation can be very beneficial for the farmers associated with animal husbandry.

Vegetable Farming: Farmer of Himachal Pradesh made self-sufficient?

Cultivating vegetables can be more profitable if farmers use scientific techniques instead of cereals and oilseeds. A Himachal farmer is not only successfully cultivating vegetables by adopting scientific techniques, but is also earning good profits by providing seeds and other planting materials to other farmers.

Coriander Cultivation: How to earn good Profit from Low cost Cash Crop

The cultivation of coriander is cheap. Its per hectare cost is about 15 thousand rupees, and after taking out the cost, farmers earn 50 to 60 thousand rupees per hectare. Coriander-producing farmers should choose a variety that produces both leaves and seeds well. The crop of varieties rich in both seeds and leaves is prepared in a relatively long time. During this also, they continue to give income to the farmer.

Agri Business: Godhan Emporium, Chhattisgarh’s unique mall, Women set up Agri-Business Model from Cow Dung

Increasing awareness of the environment and nature results in people now using more organic products. People’s interest in cow dung products has also increased. In Chhattisgarh, cow dung products are sold in a special showroom, Godhan Emporium.

Millets Farming: Rajasthan’s farmer Rawalchand Panchariya set up an Agri-Business Model by cultivating Millets

The government has declared the year 2023 as the International Year of Millets. The cultivation of millet is being promoted so that healthy grains and products made from it reach a maximum number of people. If farmers grow crops and sell their products, then their income can increase manifold, as Rawalchand Panchariya of Jodhpur did.

Farming Equipment: How does the Cultirovator save Time, Diesel and Money?

Proper preparation and plowing of the field are essential for a good crop. Although there are many types of equipment in the market for plowing, including the cultivator, the agricultural equipment we are going to tell you about today is very special because it is made of two machines, and its name is Cultivator.

Why is Grafting Technique effective in Vegetable and Fruit Cultivation? From where to get Training?

If a plant is grown from a seed, then only the qualities of the seed plant will come into it. When a new plant is developed by joining two different plants together, that new plant gets the qualities of both plants, which is the grafting technique.

Beekeeping: Helpful in increasing Income and Production of Crops

In the last few years, the demand for pure honey has increased a lot in the market. To avoid colds and coughs, people often make children lick the honey. In such a situation, beekeeping is not only an excellent source of additional income for the farmers, but it also helps increase crop production.

Eco-Friendly Plates and Cups made from Wheat Straw

For years, preparations have been made to ban plastic, but it has yet to be successful because there is no alternative to plastic. In such a situation, plastic products made from wheat straws can be a good alternative.

Malabar Neem Cultivation can make Farmers Rich

Farmers can cultivate plants with certain medicinal properties along with traditional yield crops to increase their income. One such plant is Malabar Neem, also known as Melia Dubia.

Do Onion Seed Production from Tuber to get more Crop

Onion is an important vegetable and spice crop. Its specialty is that apart from being used as a vegetable, it is also used as a spice. Any spicy curry is complete with onions. Onion is in demand throughout the year, so its production is profitable for the farmers. The availability of high-quality seeds is essential for a good onion crop.

Dragon Fruit Farming: How to earn 6 to 7 lakh rupees per acre annually?

There is good profit in dragon fruit farming. Yet very few farmers grow dragon fruit. Dragon fruit requires less irrigation. There is no risk of grazing by animals and insects in the crop in the cultivation of dragon fruit.

Dragon Fruit Farming: Gives More Profit in Less Cost

Like kiwi, dragon fruit is also an exotic fruit, but now it is being cultivated on a large scale in India as well. Some farmers are also getting good profit from this. This fruit, which is ready in about 8-9 months, is excellent in terms of both taste and health.

Multi Layer Farming: Which crop groups are best for Multi-Layer Farming?

Multilayer farming provides higher productivity per unit of land at lower cost and higher economic returns. Such an integrated farming system in which 4-5 crops can be produced in a year from a single field with the necessary fertilizers and irrigation for one crop. It has also been recognized as a means of sustainable development for small and marginal farmers, leading to higher profits and better food and nutritional security.

Millets Farming: MEmillets is promoting the cultivation of coarse grains through seeds and market

Not only the government is promoting millets farming, which is called superfoods, but many companies are also promoting millet cultivation as well as its processing.

How Lavender Cultivation help farmers excel financially ?

Lavender is a popular ingredient in perfumes, soaps, and personal care products due to its soothing and calming properties. The demand for lavender essential oil continues to grow, which has led to an increase in lavender cultivation in countries like India.

Greater Yam Farming: Why is it beneficial for farmers to cultivate Yam in Summer?

Like potato, onion, and sweet potato, yam is also an indoor tuber crop. It is commonly used as a vegetable. Yam cultivation in the summer season can be beneficial for farmers.

Pearl Farming: How to do Pearl Farming? Where to get Free Training?

If pearl farming catches pace, it can give a profit of lakhs to the farmers. It is important to take care of many things in bus maintenance. In this, farmers can get huge profits at low cost if they start this work after proper training.

Pig Farming: 18 year old Namrita does Pig Farming along with studies, adopted advanced techniques

Presently pig farming remains the most popular occupation among the youth. Pig rearing with scientific techniques is considered more profitable. According to the Annual Report 2021- 2022 released by the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, Government of India, the total number of pigs in India is 9.06 million.

Woman Farmer’s Income increased more than 6 times due to Integrated Farming System

The farmers doing farming as a business by adopting new technology are getting good income from it. One such technology is the Integrated Farming System. One such woman farmer is Dondubai Hannu Chavan of Arkeri village, who has now become a source of inspiration for other farmers.

Pig Farming Course: This university provides Free Pig Farming Course in Hindi

In animal husbandry, earlier people gave little importance to pig farming, but now it is becoming popular due to its low cost and good profits. If you also want to do a pig farming business, an online course will greatly help you.

Pest management is necessary for good mentha crop

Aromatic mentha, also known as pudina or peppermint, is cultivated on a large scale in many states of India, but farmers also face heavy crop losses due to pests and diseases.

Nutri Garden: Keep women of Uttarakhand healthy and strong

Traditional grain cultivation and low soil fertility in the hilly areas of Uttarakhand have created a serious problem of malnutrition for women. Efforts are being made to overcome this problem through Nutri Garden.

Farmers will get double profit by cultivating Celery with Green Peas

The increasing cost of farming has reduced the profit of the farmers, in such a situation, the farmers keep thinking of new ideas to increase the profit. One of these tricks is mixed farming. Like many crops, farmers can earn good profits by mixed farming of peas.

Soil Health: ‘Barren Earth’ has become the biggest challenge for humanity around the world

So far, we have made 29 percent of India’s land unproductive or destroyed its production potential. Out of the country’s total geographical area of ​​328.7 million hectares, about 96.4 million hectares of soil have been eroded. It means that the top fertile layer of the soil of such land has been destroyed so much that it is no longer fit for cultivation.

Mixed-Cropping: Mixed farming in Coconut Garden with modern techniques

Priyanka Nagvekar, a farmer from Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, started farming modernly. She adopted the concept of Mixed-Cropping.

Bottle Gourd Cultivation: ‘Lauki Purush’ Dr. Shivpujan Singh invented 6 feet long bottle gourd variety

We will talk about such a variety of bottle gourd which is very famous for their length and taste. You must have hardly heard about it. We will tell you many more things related to bottle gourd cultivation.

Organic Jaggery Production: Why is farmer Jairam Gaikwad’s Jaggery special?

Jairam Gaikwad, a resident of Betul district of Madhya Pradesh, has been farming for the last 22 years. Farmers come from every corner of the country to see his farm model. There is a lot of demand for organic jaggery prepared by them. Here I am sharing the special parts of the conversation with him.

Lavender Cultivation: Lavender plant gives flowers for 15 years, but why is it at risk in India?

A single Lavender plant bears flowers for 15 years, needs low maintenance and can be used from the second year of plantation. In recent years, lavender cultivation has gained popularity in India as a high-value cash crop. But, there are risks involved.

Tree Tomato Farming: Know How it is Cultivated and its Benefits

Tree tomato is a special kind of fruit which is eaten only when ripe. Farmers can earn extra by cultivating tree tomato which is rich in many nutrients and has medicinal properties.

Prevention from Thanela Disease is necessary to earn profit from Goat Farming Business

Thanela disease is an infectious disease, which occurs in milch animals like cow, buffalo and goat. Due to this disease, the ability of animals to give milk is very less or completely stopped, due to which the livestock farmers have to suffer heavy losses. Read in this article, what precautions can be taken by goat rearers to save their animals from Thanela disease.

Moong Cultivation: Why is it beneficial to cultivate moong in summer?

In the summer season, when the fields become empty after harvesting crops like paddy, wheat, jowar, then cultivation of moong is considered beneficial for the farmers.

Jute Farming: Why India is the largest Jute Producer?

Jute is a Kharif crop. It needs a hot and humid climate. For this, the climate with 21 to 38 degrees Celsius and 90% relative humidity is favorable. The climate of Bengal is excellent for jute. There are 83 jute mills in the country, which produce more than 1.6 million tonnes of jute products annually. About 3 lakh people get direct employment from the jute industry. Its export earns the country about $40 million in foreign exchange.

Turmeric Cultivation: Increased production and solved the problem of moisture

Saroj Lakda of Jharkhand invented a new technique for turmeric cultivation so that turmeric cultivation is not damaged due to less moisture. Due to this, the crop of turmeric increased by up to 10 percent.

Integrated Farming: Praveen from Karnataka increased his annual income from 47 thousand to 7 lakh rupees

Farmer Praveen has 1.69 hectares of cultivable land. Earlier, Praveen used to cultivate only Ragi, Maize, Potato and Coconut, from which he used to earn around 47 thousand annually. Know how he increased his income?

Poplar Tree Farming: Get extra income by planting poplar trees

Poplar is a straight and fast growing tree. Due to the shedding of its leaves in winter, there is no significant reduction in the amount of sunlight received by Rabi crops. Similarly, Kharif crops are also not harmed by the shade of Poplar.

Onion Processing: Along with Onion Cultivation, its Processing will Increase the Income of Farmers

Farmers doing onion cultivation often have to suffer crop loss. Almost every year, due to the failure of the onion crop, its prices start skyrocketing. One way to deal with this problem is to store the onions by dehydrating them. When the crop is high, after processing the onion, dehydrate its pieces or keep it in powder form.

World Forest Day: Know how life is getting enriched with forest wealth

This time the theme of World Forest Day 2023 has been kept ‘Forests and Health’. According to the Forest Survey Report 2021 in India, 80.9 million hectares of land are covered with forests and trees. This is 24.62 percent of the total geographical area of ​​the country. In the two years between 2019 and 2021, there has been an increase of 2261 square kilometers in the Indian forest area.

Hailstorms hurt the farmers of Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India, is known for its thriving agriculture industry. However, the frequent occurrence of hailstorms in recent years has become a bane to farmers. These have caused significant damage to crops, leaving farmers in distraught and struggling to make ends meet.

Barley Farming: To get grain, fodder and good income together, do advanced and commercial cultivation of barley

New and improved barley varieties should be adopted to get more barley yield. It should be selected based on regional use and availability of resources. Due to the development of new varieties, production techniques, and quality improvement, there has been a significant improvement in the yield of barley. That is why it is essential to know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, why to do and what not to do for advanced and commercial cultivation of barley.

Soil Nutrients: How soil become a treasure of nutrients?

Under photosynthesis, plants cook or manufacture their food through chemical reactions between nutrients from sunlight, air, water, and soil. Soil supplies 16 nutrients to plants. The good growth of any crop and the profit from farming depend on these nutrients.

Bio-Pesticides crucial for sustainable agriculture

Organic insecticides have the qualities of ‘Ek Sadhe Sab Sadhe’. It does not have any side effects on humans, soil, yield, and the environment and also effectively prevents crop enemies from pests and diseases. Therefore, organic pesticides should be used first whenever there is a need for pesticides.

Hydroponic Farming: Know how Hydroponic produce earns like ‘Organic Farming’?

Apart from the supermarkets in big cities, the sale of agricultural products prepared by the hydroponic method is also increasing rapidly in online marketing. Nowadays, Hydroponic farming products are being purchased in large quantities in well-known hotels, restaurants, cloud kitchens, corporate canteens, etc.

Agri Business: How Telangana’s Woman Farmer Lakshmi got success

Lakshmi made her family financially prosperous through agribusiness and has become a role model for others. Know which methods of farming they have adopted in this article.

Farming of Wild Marigold is unique, gives double profit on cost

India is the second largest producer of wild marigold oil after South Africa. At present, the total annual production of wild marigold oil in the country is around 5 tonnes. In the past decades, commercial cultivation of wild marigold has grown in popularity in the hills and plains of northern India, such as Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and the Terai region of Uttar Pradesh.

Climate Change most serious problem in agriculture, How to overcome it?

Due to climate change, the ‘ecological system’ associated with the natural exchange between biotic and abiotic elements has also been affected. Due to this, there has been a significant decrease in soil fertility. Irrigation challenges have increased. That is why farmers should adopt eco-friendly farming as soon as possible.

Along with Organic Farming, Vermicompost is a source of additional income for Women

With the increase in demand for organic food products, the demand for vermicompost has also increased. Along with women farmers and Self-Help Groups, ATMA Group is also promoting greater participation of women in the production of Panchkavya, Amrita Kraisal, and Panch Patti extracts.

Mushroom Farming: Varanasi’s women group gets success from FPO based extension delivery model

For the farmers, getting a fair price for their crop is a more challenging task than producing a good quality crop. The reason for this is the middlemen, who become a part of the farmers’ profit. In such a situation, women started mushroom farming from FPO based extension delivery model.

Know advanced technique of Chickpea Farming and how to increase your income

Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, and Karnataka are the major chickpea-producing states in India. But in terms of yield, Telangana is at the top with 14.56 quintals/ha, while Karnataka is at the bottom with six quintals/ha. While the national average is 10.55 quintals/hectare. However, there are many improved and disease resistant varieties of gram which give 20 to 30 quintal/hectare yield in the country. Therefore, farmers should adopt the methods of improved chickpea farming as soon as possible.

Ganoderma Cultivation: Single seed of Ganoderma mushroom, harvest three times!

Ganoderma mushroom is produced on a sterilized medium by the organic or biological method. This makes it easier to protect the crop from diseases and insects.

Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela 2023: New Techniques to Advanced Varieties, Farmers were honored

Many farmers from across the country participated in the Pusa Krishi Vigyan Mela 2023 was held from March 2 to 4. The Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Narendra Singh Tomar inaugurated the fair on the first day. Various varieties and new techniques of farming were displayed at the fair.

Organic Fertilizer : How Ranjit Singh choose the path of Organic Fertilizers?

To make organic fertilizer, it is most important to rear indigenous cows. Cow dung and urine are essential ingredients of organic farming. Cow dung manure works as excellent nutrition for the fields, while cow urine is used as pesticides.

Modern Farming: How Amarjeet Kaur became a successful farmer by adopting 3 cropping patterns

In today’s era, only those farmer succeed who update themselves with modern farming techniques by catching the pulse of the changing times. It is very difficult to make a profit from traditional farming. In such a situation, success is achieved only by pursuing farming like a business and using advanced techniques. The best example is Amarjit Kaur, a woman farmer from Ambala.

Integrated Farming: Earn lakhs from a small piece of land

If a small piece of land is used properly and scientific techniques are adopted for farming, a substantial profit can be earned. Manjanna T.K., a farmer from Tumkur district of Karnataka. It is a living example of integrated farming system.

Chia Farming: If you want to earn twice the cost then grow Chia

Chia farmers do not have to worry about losses in cultivation. Chia can be grown easily in moderately fertile and well drained soil. Chia has the ability to tolerate acidic soil to a great extent. It is better to do organic farming of Chia for good nutritional production.

Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana to increase income in agriculture

Another attractive aspect of Pradhan Mantri Kusum Yojana is that through this farmers can also set up solar energy production plants on their land. The power generated from the plant can also be sold to nearby farmers or directly to power distribution companies. By doing this, the farmer or land owner who sets up the plant can earn from Rs.60,000 to Rs.1 lakh annually.

Safflower Cultivation: Why is Safflower unique in the crop cycle?

Cultivation of safflower is very useful for those areas of the country where there is more possibility of drought. Due to its unique ability to tolerate heat, safflower cultivation can be done easily even where irrigation facilities are very limited.

Capsicum Cultivation: Advanced varieties give yield thrice a year

Capsicum are mainly green, red and yellow in colour. If you are also thinking of cultivating capsicum, then let us tell you which are the advanced varieties of capsicum.

Safflower is less affected by diseases, what protection to be taken?

The farmer should be very aware about the identification of major pests and diseases attacking safflower and the methods of its treatment. Adopting proper crop rotation, sowing only treated seeds, good management of water drainage and cleanliness in the fields prove to be very useful to avoid pests and diseases. 

Ganoderma is a Mushroom with Medicinal Properties

Dr. Alankar Singh, Subject Matter Specialist, Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Pithoragarh, in a special conversation with Kisan of India, told how Ganoderma mushroom can help in the goal of increasing the income of farmers. Know the specialty and market of this mushroom

High income from cultivation of Ganoderma Mushroom

Among mushrooms with medicinal properties, Ganoderma accounts for about 70% of the world trade and this amount is about $ 3 billion i.e. 24,800 crore rupees. But the production of Ganoderma in India is very less and the demand is very high. That is why its import in the country is more than Rs 200 crore. Agricultural scientists and institutes are now working on promoting the cultivation of Ganoderma mushroom.

Commercial cultivation of Munja grass on infertile land and get handsome income

Cultivation of Munja grass can prove to be very useful for rainfed or drought prone areas. Its scientific and commercial cultivation gives income for 30-35 years after planting a single plant. This can yield 350 to 400 quintals per hectare annually and can generate an income of Rs 2.5 to 3 lakh.

Why Safflower Cultivation is a boon for drought-prone fields?

Safflower is such an oilseed that can make farmers happy even in those areas where there is no means of irrigation or where there is a possibility of drought. That’s why in order to encourage the cultivation of safflower, the Narendra Modi government not only made safflower at par with mustard in 2016, but also continuously fixed higher MSP i.e. minimum support price for safflower as compared to mustard.

Ragi Cultivation gives good yield in rainfed, drought prone areas

Ragi has a special identity among crops that give good yield even in adverse conditions and with less care. In case of non-availability of paddy crop, cultivation of ragi can be done as a contingency crop. Consumption of nutritious and digestible grain ragi is wonderful for health.

Bitter Gourd Farming by Pandal Technique

Farmer N. Vijayakumar has 5 acres of land. He had to bear losses in farming. There was a lack of knowledge of advanced techniques. How did he change his situation? What methods should be adopted with the pandal technique? Know in this article.

Pantnagar Kisan Mela 2023: 25 to 28 February, Know what is Special

The farmers coming to the Pantnagar Kisan Mela 2023 to be held from February 25 to 28 will get a golden opportunity to get useful information related to agriculture and allied sectors.

Increase yield and income by advanced cultivation of Sweet Potato

India ranks sixth in the list of sweet potato producing countries. But the productivity rate of sweet potato in India is very low. That’s why it is very important to adopt advanced agricultural techniques in the advanced cultivation of sweet potato in India.

Saffron Cultivation: Extracting from flower is hard and delicate

In India, 90 percent of the saffron cultivation is in the Pampore area of Pulwama only and the ancestors of the present farmers have been cultivating it here.

Growing scope of Date Palm Cultivation

Barmer district of Rajasthan has always been struggling with water shortage. In such a situation, the possibility of farming is very less here and only selected crops like Jowar, Bajra, Moong, Moth have been grown, but now farmers are getting good income through tissue culture method of date cultivation.

‘Mushroom Man’ is growing mushrooms for 27 years

Jitendra Malik, a farmer from Panipat, told Kisan of India how profit can be made from mushroom cultivation and how the cost can be reduced.

Thanela: Disease of milch animals, do not delay treatment

Thanela can occur at any age, but its symptoms become severe after delivery. The milk of a cow infected with Thanela is not fit for use. Milk production falls and the burden of treatment of the animal also falls. Therefore, even if there is a suspicion of Thanela, it should be shown to the veterinarian immediately.

Cultivation of smooth ridge gourd will help earn double profit

There is a lot of demand for ridge gourd in the market during summer, so it is very beneficial for the farmers to cultivate smooth ridge gourd. Know about its advanced varieties.

Foldscope microscope protects crops from diseases and pests

Every year farmers have to suffer a lot due to diseases and pests caused by bacteria and fungi. If diseases and pests are correctly identified in time, farmers can avoid economic loss by taking necessary steps. In doing this, the Foldscope Paper Microscope can help them a lot.

Chilli Cultivation: Management of major pests, diseases and preventive measures

Due to pests and diseases, the crop gets damaged a lot and the farmers have to bear the loss, because the crop gets wasted due to this, and the quality of the crop that is obtained is not good. That’s why scientific management of pests and diseases is necessary. It becomes very important in chilli cultivation.

Floriculture: Tuberose and Gladiolus flowers in the sugarcane belt

Maroof Alam Khan, who cultivates flowers on 62 bighas of land in Shamli, also provides employment to 25 to 30 people for all the work from sowing, weeding and irrigation to plucking flowers and sending them in bundles to the market.

Hydroponic Farming: Cultivation of Fish and vegetables in a Pond

Hydroponic farming technology will prove to be helpful in becoming a sustainable source of food security, employment and income. Originating from Manjali Island in Brahmaputra, this technology has now reached Saharsa and Supaul, flood-affected districts of Kosi river in Bihar via Bengal and Bangladesh.

World Pulses Day: Pulse crops increase the fertile capacity ?

Lentils, rich in many nutrients, not only provide health benefits, but also make the soil fertile. On the occasion of World Pulses Day, know the important things related to it.

How to earn profit from low cost cash crop of Coriander Farming?

Coriander cultivation of is cheap. Its per hectare cost is about 15 thousand rupees and after taking out the cost, farmers earn 50 to 60 thousand rupees per hectare. Coriander producing farmers should choose such a variety which gives good production of both leaves and seeds. The crop of varieties rich in both seeds and leaves is prepared in a relatively longer time. During this also, they continue to give income to the farmer.

Maduva-Jhunara are the solution to barren farming

Maduva-Jhunara grains are the basis of the identity of Uttarakhand. They are the identity of the mountain, only by identifying it in its true sense, by making special efforts for its production, many questions like migration of mountainous areas of Uttarakhand and barren farming and employment of youth can be resolved simultaneously. Know about the importance of coarse grains.

What to keep in mind in pineapple farming to avoid crop loss?

In India, pineapple is cultivated in some states like Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, West Bengal and Bihar etc. There are possibilities of its cultivation in the northern hilly region and plains of Chhattisgarh.

Lac Cultivation can become good source of income for farmers

Lac is produced in our country mainly in Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal. Jharkhand has the highest production of lac. Know about lac cultivation.

Why Hawthorn farming is green gold for farmers?

In a state like Rajasthan where cultivation is not much due to lack of water and there is a problem of green fodder in the summer season, Hawthorn cultivation can prove to be a boon for the farmers.

Why Capsicum Cultivation trend of farmers increasing?

In protected cultivation, plants get a better environment to grow. It protects crops from excess rain, wind and heat. Learn in this article how farmers can increase their yield and income by doing protected cultivation of capsicum.

Fish Farming benefited by adopting scientific techniques

Fish farming is a good source of additional income for the farmers. By starting it with a small pond, he can earn a good profit. Female fish producer Thingom Indrasakhi Devi of Manipur is also earning lakhs from fish farming.

How to earn handsomely from Vetiver Farming?

No special type of land is required for poppy cultivation or Vetiver Farming. Generally, the cost per acre of poppy cultivation is around 60-65 thousand rupees. About 10 kg of oil is extracted from poppy seed per acre. The price of this oil is available in the market up to about 20 thousand rupees per kg.

Black Cumin Cultivation gives good income to farmers

Farmers get the normal price of Black Cumin (Kalonji) (Nigella Sativa) in the market up to about 20 thousand rupees per quintal. The demand for Black Cumin is so great that many brands of spices get farmers to produce it on contract (contract farming) as well.

Ornamental Fish Farming: Employment and good income

Farmers can also get good income from ornamental fish farming and fish seed production. You can earn good profit by running it as a complete business. The demand for ornamental fish is not only in the country but also in foreign countries.

Rs 5 lakh annual income with management of vegetable cultivation

There are some crops, whose cultivation and sale gives more profit than other crops. Cultivating high-value vegetables has made a young farmer in Nagaland a millionaire

Union Budget 2023: Know big announcements for Agriculture sector

The total allocation for the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare in the 2022-23 budget was Rs 1.32 lakh crore, which was 4.3 percent higher than the revised estimates of the 2021-22 Budget.

Drumstick Cultivation: Scientific methods gives fruits twice a year

Drumstick is a plant with medicinal properties. From its fruits, flowers to leaves and bark, it is used from food to medicine. The demand for drumstick rich in nutritious elements has started increasing in the market. In such a situation, farmers can get good income by doing its scientific cultivation.

Lettuce Farming: Adopt advanced technology and get benefits

Nowadays many exotic fruits and vegetables are becoming popular in India and their demand is increasing, due to which farmers have started growing them. Lettuce is one such vegetable. Know the important things about the cultivation of lettuce.

Kair Farming: Grows even in barren land

Most of the arid areas of Rajasthan where there is no irrigation facility and the land is barren, for such places the cultivation of kair is no less than a boon. Kair vegetable is used for making pickles and also as a medicine.

Giloy cultivation is a big source of good income for farmers 

Giloy is a plant that spreads like a vine. There is not much effort and expense in Giloy cultivation. There is a lot of demand for it in Ayurvedic medicine making companies. You can easily grow Giloy, which is very beneficial for health, even outside your house. It can be easily grown by making ridges in the field or around other trees.

Why is tissue culture technique effective in potato seed production?

If you want to get more production in potato farming, then it is very important to have healthy seeds. In traditional farming, there is a possibility of disease of the crop. In such a situation, what will happen to the farmers by producing potato seeds in the net house, know in this article.

Improved variety selected for chickpea cultivation

If the seed is of good quality, then the crop is also good and farmers also earn well from the business of seed production. This is what the farmers of Karmad village of Surendranagar district of Gujarat do. In this article, know how the income and earning increased by selecting an advanced variety in the cultivation of chickpea.

7th pass woman gave contribution in animal husbandry

Hailing from Mandya district of Karnataka, Chikka Mahadevamma started farming at an early age. She is a woman of progressive thoughts and steadfastly faces the challenges that constantly come in farming. Know about their farming techniques.

Arka Vegetable Special was used in the cultivation of vegetables

Using Arka Vegetable Special developed by ICAR-IIHR, a farmer from Udupi not only increased his income but also got pest and disease free, high quality brinjal crop.

‘Nutritious Grain Year 2023’: Increase intake of millets

Before the Green Revolution, traditional dishes prepared from coarse grains were very popular in the daily diet of the rural families of the country. Compared to wheat, rice and maize etc., the cultivation of conventional millets is easy and at low cost. But as the availability of wheat and rice increased, it was seen as the grain of economically prosperous people. Because of this, the demand and production of coarse grains kept falling year after year.

Polyhouse Technique: ICAR-IIVR technical support led to success in the protected cultivation

Avnish Patel constructed a naturally ventilated polyhouse in 0.25 acre area and cultivated tomatoes with the help of the State Horticulture Department of Uttar Pradesh. But, the tomato crop failed, and he faced huge losses. Know what technique he adopted later.

Aloe Vera Farming is good source of income on waste land

Aloe vera farming can be a boon even for waste land. In commercial cultivation of Aloe vera, the cost of planting 10-11 thousand plants per acre comes to 18-20 thousand rupees. From this, 20-25 tonnes of aloe vera is obtained in an year, which is sold at the rate of Rs 25-20 thousand per tonne. That is, good profit is guaranteed in aloe vera farming, because it does not require much irrigation, fertilizers and pesticides.

Different ways to do Makhana Farming

Hot weather and abundant availability of water is necessary for the cultivation of Makhana, only then it is widely cultivated in the areas of ponds and puddles. Many advanced techniques of its cultivation have been suggested by agricultural institutes. What are those techniques? Know in this article.

Know how ‘Vanaraja’ is changing the fortunes of Poultry Farming

There are many farmers who do not have land for cultivation or have very little land, so poultry farming is a great source of income for them. But for this knowledge of the right breed and scientific technique is necessary.

What things to keep in mind in scientific pig farming?

Pig farming is a good way to earn more profit in less cost, but adopting traditional method does not make much profit from this business. If you want good profit then do pig farming business in scientific way like this youth of Jharkhand.

Know about advanced varieties of Pointed Gourd

The trend of farmers towards Parwal cultivation has increased. It is mainly used for making vegetables, pickles and sweets. Is it worth it? How is it cultivated in different parts of the country? Learn about many important things related to Parwal farming.

What is the modern technique of Sapota Cultivation?

Chickoo is also called Sapota. In India it is mainly cultivated in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Sapota is being cultivated on about 65 thousand acres of land.

Selection of improved varieties in vegetable cultivation

Hailing from Tumkur district of Karnataka, Krishnaiah is always keen to learn modern farming techniques. This is the reason why he has got success in the cultivation of vegetables in a few years.

Karan Vandana- Know the specialty of this wheat variety

In India, wheat is the main food of the people after paddy, hence it is produced more. India ranks second in wheat production in the world. Agricultural scientists of the country keep working on advanced varieties of wheat. We will tell you about one of these varieties of Karan Vandana.

Frost Management: Dangerous for crops but rescuable

Frost on crops is very dangerous. To save the crop from frost, it is necessary to maintain the temperature of the atmosphere above zero degree celsius by any means. For this many traditional, modern and chemical methods should be adopted. These methods are easy to use and much less expensive than frost damage.

Dairy Business: Ashley John ventured in 2013 with 5 cows

Ashley John’s routine starts at 3 in the morning. She reaches her farm at around 3.15 am and looks after all the workload of the dairy business.

Teasel Gourd or Kantola farming in small holding, increases income

Being a seasonal vegetable, Teasel Gourd or Kantola fetches a good price in the market. Presently it is being cultivated mostly in West Bengal, Odisha and North Eastern states.

Taro Root advanced varieties give more benefits

Taro Root or Arabi is sown in the form of tubers. About 15-20 quintals of seeds are required in one hectare of land. If you want to cultivate Arabi or Taro Root, then definitely know about its varieties.

Integrated Farming With Areca Nut

In today’s time, the youth of the country is looking for good business options in agriculture, which is a very good thing for this sector. One such woman is Aashma from Karnataka. Know how she achieved progress in her area by adopting the Integrated Farming model along with areca nut farming.

Improved varieties of chilli can increase the yield

Chilli is sown in India in all the three seasons. Black soil in rain-fed areas and well-drained sandy loam or loam land for irrigated areas are considered good for chilli cultivation.

Know method of home production and use of Trichoderma

Microorganisms such as Trichoderma are also commonly found freely on organic residues. These are such friendly fungi which help in increasing the growth and yield of plants by playing the dual role of organic fertilizer and pathogen. The presence accelerates the decomposition of organic matter in the soil and helps in neutralizing the harmful effects of chemical pesticides.

Integrated Farming: Hit IFS model of Kerala farmer C Bhaskaran

Before adopting the integrated farming system, he used to earn only around Rs 24,680 annually, but now not only has he increased his income, but has also become an inspiration to many youths in his area.

Know most advanced varieties for Spinach Farming

When it comes to green leafy vegetables, the first name that comes to mind is spinach. But do you know that spinach, which is available in the market throughout the year, is cultivated only in the winter season. Apart from this, the selection of some improved varieties of spinach will give farmers more production and their income will also increase.

Two thirds of glaciers could disappear by 2100

The world is currently on track to record a temperature increase of 2.7 degrees Celsius (4.9 degrees Fahrenheit) compared to pre-industrial times, which by the year 2100

Adopt advanced technology for Green Peas cultivation

Peas are the main winter crop. Its two improved varieties have completely changed the life of a farmer in Uttar Pradesh. By cultivating both these high yielding varieties, farmer Sushil Kumar has now become a millionaire and is able to take care of his family well. In this article, know the cost and profit of peas cultivation.

Why neem tree is the best organic pesticide?

Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides is prohibited in organic or natural. That is why scientists have standardized the process of making and using various neem products for use in organic farming. It is divided into products made from neem leaves and its seeds. Learn in this article how the neem tree can be useful to the farmers.

Know how Sulfur is used in soybean farming

Along with advanced varieties of soybean, if fertilizers are used after soil testing, good production can be obtained from soybean crop. After the application of sulfur in soybean crop, not only the production increased, but also the oil content in the seeds increased.

Dairy farming started in garage, earns lakhs per month

It is most important to have proper knowledge of management, maintenance, investment and marketing of cattle in Dairy Farming. Rahul Sharma talked about this in detail with Kisan of India.

Why is the model of Poshan Vatika a hit?

Anjali made a nutrition garden in 200 square meters. How did it benefit her and other farmers? Learn how this model is beneficial for small and marginal farmers in this article.

Olive cultivation is getting boost with time

The desert land of Rajasthan, where cultivation of traditional crops is difficult for the farmers due to barren land and lack of water, olive cultivation is proving to be a boon for the farmers, because it is yielding well even in the barren land. Due to which the farmers have benefited.

How to choose advanced breed in goat farming?

Goat rearing is an excellent source of additional income for the farmers. Farmers can earn good profit by selling its milk and meat, provided they have proper knowledge of its breed.

Peta cultivation method in melon cultivation

Melon cultivation is good in hot and dry climate. That’s why it is cultivated a lot in Rajasthan, but lack of water is the main problem here, due to which the farmers here have developed a special method for melon cultivation. Know what is this technique.

Natural farming and intercropping give more profit in less cost

Due to the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, the cost of farming is increasing day by day but the profit of the farmers is decreasing. If farmers adopt natural farming, their problems can be solved to a great extent.

Kuttu Farming: Very useful crop for hilly areas

Compared to paddy, wheat and other coarse grains, the amount of nutrients in buckwheat is significantly higher. But the production of buckwheat is not high in the country. That’s why its flour is sold two to three times more expensive than wheat flour. That is why there is a lot of earning potential for the farmers in Buckwheat farming.

Goat rearing in a scientific way will earn 3 to 4 times the cost

Animal rearing farmers can double to triple their income by rearing goats in a scientific way. For this, selecting an advanced breed of goat, impregnating them at the right time and arranging fodder and water by adopting the stall feeding method proves to be extremely beneficial.

Soil Nutrients: Know the effect on crops

By examining the soil, the nutrients present in it are detected. Those farmers who do farming after getting the soil tested and diagnosing the disorders of their fields according to the recommendations of the soil nutrients agricultural scientists, they definitely get excellent yields. That’s why if you want to get good profit from farming, then learn to recognize the properties of soil and take proper steps in time.

Fig Cultivation: Advanced variety ‘Diana’ increase income

The maximum production of figs is in the Middle East countries, but now fig cultivation is becoming popular in India as well, especially in the desert area of Barmer, fig cultivation has become a profitable deal for the farmers.

Dr. U.S. Gautam appointed as Deputy Director General in ICAR

Dr. U.S. Gautam has held key positions in his work experience of nearly 33 years, which includes 3 years as Vice Chancellor and 12 years as Director in ICAR institutes. Dr. Gautam is the recipient of 15 awards, including 4 National Awards.

Barren land made fertile with cow dung manure

More than 50 percent of the land of Vandana Kumari, a resident of Bihar’s Banka district, had become barren, but with the help of cow dung manure, she irrigated the barren land, with her hard work and tireless efforts.

Year-End 2022: India Stands 4th Globally In Renewable Energy

The Prime Minister’s announcement at COP26, the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy is working to achieve 500 GW of installed power capacity from non-fossil sources by 2030. A total of 172.72 GW has been accumulated so far. of capacity from non-fossil fuel sources. installed in the country on 10.31.2022. ALSO READ: Advanced seeds, scientific […]

India committed to reduce emissions by 45% by 2030

The NDC update is also a step towards achieving India’s long-term goal of reaching net zero by 2070; for which India prepared and submitted a separate framework document titled “India’s Long Term Low Carbon Development Strategy” to the UNFCCC secretariat in November 2022.

Christmas Day: How can you earn well from Christmas Tree business?

‘Christmas tree’ can grow in any type of soil, but it is important to take care of many things in its cultivation. Know in detail about Christmas tree farming business.

National Farmers Day: Why is Farmers Day celebrated on 23 December?

It was decided to celebrate Kisan Diwas to remember the contribution of Chaudhary Charan Singh to Indian agriculture. Know what are the challenges in the agriculture sector according to the report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare?

Kisan Diwas Special: The crop of prosperity waved on the barren land

Renowned farmer Prem Singh, a resident of Banda district of Bundelkhand, is credited with growing the crop of progress in the ‘hot desert’.

Kisan Diwas Special : Agri-business model built on the basis of organic farming, know from Manoj Bhatt of Ranikhet, how is the market of organic products

Manoj Bhatt, a progressive farmer from Chillianola village of Ranikhet, Uttarakhand, started organic farming in 2009. He had an annual turnover of about Rs 12 lakh during the Corona period.

RAS technology in Fish farming business is successful

Neeraj Chaudhary, a resident of Nilokhedi village in Karnal district of Haryana, runs Sultan Fish Farm. He has adopted Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS) technology in fish farming. What is this technology? Kisan of India had a special conversation with Neeraj Chaudhary on this.

Advanced experiments in Millet cultivation is helpful

Saroj N., a resident of Nittur village in Davangere district of Karnataka. Patil has adopted the model of Integrated Farming in his farm. The step he took in the direction of earning profit from millet cultivation increased his income.

Advanced techniques in mango cultivation get bountiful of mangoes

Very few farmers are cultivating mango in Karnataka due to long duration of mango cultivation, crop loss due to pest attack and weather conditions. However, there are some farmers who are earning good income in mango cultivation by adopting new techniques and methods on the advice of scientists. Satyanarayana Reddy is one such farmer.

Weed control with natural products is very useful

Using organic products instead of chemical weed killers for weed control in organic farming is environment friendly. They get decomposed quickly in the atmosphere and soil and they do not enter the ground water as well.

Chickpea Variety gives good yield in drought affected areas

This drought tolerant variety of chickpea is tolerant to diseases like fusarium wilt and stunt. Let us tell you other features of this variety.

Linseed Farming : Increase the yield with advanced techniques

Organic farming of linseed can also be done. Scientists of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research have recomm ended several improved varieties of linseed for different regions of the country. That’s why farmers should choose suitable seeds to earn well from linseed cultivation.

Impact of Climate Change on Farmers

Through its programs and schemes, focused on climate-resilient agriculture, appropriate adaptation strategies have been designed to ensure food security, better livelihood opportunities and economic stability.

Action plan on ill effects of climate change

India, with more than 17% of the world’s population, has contributed only about 4% of cumulative global greenhouse gas emissions between 1850 and 2019.

Rearing sheep with unique techniques made her an entrepreneur

Mangala Kiran Neelgund, a resident of Karnataka, entered the business of farming from animal husbandry. Today thousands of youths and fellow farmers come to his farm.

Millet Dehuller Machine give 10 times profit with coarse grains

Central Agricultural Engineering Regional Center Institute has developed millet dehuller machine. On how this machine can be useful for the farmers cultivating coarse grains, the head of the Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering Regional Center Coimbatore, Dr. S. Exclusive interview with Balasubramaniam.

Agri-Startups became strength of these women

These women from Bhubaneswar, Odisha came together to form a self-help group. Then started many agri-business related to agriculture one after the other. Let us tell you how these women work.

Advanced seeds, scientific techniques for vegetables

If advanced seeds and scientific techniques are used, good profit can be earned from vegetable cultivation. Mangal Oraon, a farmer living in Murum village of Ranchi, is the best example of this. It was once difficult for him to make ends meet even for two meals a day, but now he is a successful vegetable grower.

Benefits of Honey production with litchi cultivation

Raju Singh, a resident of Harpur village in Gorakhpur district, is engaged in litchi cultivation as well as honey production. Learn how they are benefiting and how they got the support of Krishi Vigyan Kendra in this article.

Subbool crop used for making fuel from excellent fodder for animals

Green fodder is very important to get more milk from animals, as it contains rich protein, but animal farmers often face the problem of shortage of green fodder during the summer season. In such a situation, this problem can be overcome by cultivating Subbool.

Why is dairy business becoming a favourite business?

Abboju Jyoti, a resident of Warangal district of Telangana, does animal husbandry on 2 acres of land. Dairy business has made them self-sufficient. She also uses many instruments and advanced techniques.

Climate change: Agriculture is central to Indian identity

Agriculture has always been central to the Indian identity and as a nation, we can only prosper if our agricultural sector grows.

Single-use plastic ban in India: What we know so far

Minister Yadav’s response was in response to a question from MP Umesh G Jadhav on the details of the proposed expansion, if any, of plastic items identified under the ban.

Amla Processing gives annual turnover is Rs 25 lakh

Sanjivani Jadhav’s financial condition was not good. Husband used to work in daily wages. Initially she started small scale work, today she is earning good income from Amla processing.

Farmers adopt crop rotation instead of planting only one crop

Santosh Kumari, a farmer from Bhadaura village in Mainpuri district, has only 1 hectare of cultivable land. The situation was such that due to non-availability of nutritious vegetables for the family, the health of the family members was also not good. How did cultivation of seasonal vegetables and adoption of crop rotation lead to improvement? Know in this article.

Cultivation of Dhingri mushroom in pots

If the species of Dhingri is selected according to the season, then its yield can be obtained throughout the year. While different species of Dhingri are different in appearance, their taste is also different and the temperature has to be kept different to grow them.

Extreme weather events impact agriculture in India

Haryana’s September rainfall was over 82%, a record since 1945. Similarly, Punjab also received 30% more rainfall for the first time since 1988

Organic Animal Husbandry is a great package

To make farming sustainable and profitable, organic farming is as important as it is to link it with organic animal husbandry. That’s why in organic farming, the way low production based on limited inputs in traditional farming system gets special place as well as higher price, in the same way the products produced from organic animal husbandry also get special status in the food market. it happens.

Solar Dehydrator Machine is solution to crop damage

Some spices and vegetables are such that they cannot be stored for long. In such a situation, a technique to save the crop from getting wasted is the Solar Dehydrator Machine. Know its benefits.

Climate change likely to increase rough wave days in Indian Ocean

Changes in high wave days are projected to intensify over South Indian Ocean under both RCP 4.5 and 8.5 scenarios, and the wave-spell-storm duration is found to strengthen over the northern Arabian Sea

All season crop Sunflower Farming gives good income

To get good yield in sunflower farming, cross pollination at the right time is of special importance. Usually cross-pollination is done through bumblebees and bees. But in the area where there is a shortage of these pollinators of nature, there the process of cross-pollination should be completed by the hands of the farmers.

Know how sticky traps are the safest insecticide for crops?

‘Sticky Trap’ is such a household insecticide that protects crops from the side effects of harmful insects without using any toxic chemicals. It is much cheaper than chemical pesticides. The use of sticky traps reduces the damage caused by pests to crops by 40 to 50 percent and does not cause any side effects to crops, farm soil, environment and human health.

Two tomato varieties increase the yield and income

Tomato crop is more prone to diseases, due to which there is a fear of crop failure. In view of this, scientists continuously bring new and improved varieties. How did the selection of these varieties in tomato cultivation benefit the farmers of Karnataka? Know in this article.

Advanced Vegetable Farming techniques increase quality and yield

Shashikala, who hails from Karnataka’s Tumkur district, used to go to the Bengaluru market to sell her produce, but now buyers come to her personally to buy the produce. She is also motivating other farmers of her area to cultivate advanced varieties of vegetables.

Scientific technology is beneficial in goat farming

Hailing from Mithakhari area of South Andaman, Chandan Biswas is an engineering graduate. Instead of looking for a job, he chose goat rearing business related to farming.

Scientific method of ornamental fish farming increased income

In terms of fish farming, India comes second only to China. In such a situation, if farmers raise ornamental fish in a scientific way, then they can increase their income, because the demand for ornamental fish farming is increasing day by day.

India could experience heatwaves beyond Human survival

By 2030, India may account for 34 million of the 80 million projected global job losses from heat stress associated with decreased productivity,” the report says.

Why is COP15 key for the planet’s biodiversity?

We need transformative changes in the economic, social, political and technological spheres to reverse this degradation and meet the nature conservation targets set for 2030.

Methods to protect mustard crop from diseases and pests

At present, sowing of rabi crops is going on in full swing. Mustard is the main oilseed crop of rabi. It is necessary to pay special attention to the maintenance of mustard crop. Farmers have to face heavy losses due to the outbreak of many diseases and pests on the mustard crop. In this article, we are telling you the treatment of diseases caused by mustard crop.

How wheat sowing with super seeder is beneficial?

Agricultural implements have certainly made farming tasks easier. Where earlier it used to take many hours to prepare the field, then plow it and then sow the seeds and harvest the crop, which resulted in high cost, now time is saved as well as money Is. One such agricultural equipment is the Super Seeder.

Heatwaves: how will human-induced climate change affect them?

With climate simulations predicting heatwaves to be more frequent and intensify with increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

Soil health: Know how to improve and manage saline soil

Saline soils contain high amounts of sodium, calcium, magnesium or their chlorides and sulfates. All these elements are soluble in water. White crust of these soluble saline elements is formed on the upper surface of the soil in the field. Saline soil outbreaks are often seen on land that is prone to water logging.

Soil Health Card Scheme: 5-6% increase in farming post soil testing

Soil testing is free in government labs and Soil Health Card is given. It is not necessary to get it done at the time of sowing the crop, but it can be done at any time. Generally, after getting the soil tested at an interval of three to four years, according to the opinion of the experts, soil treatment must be done.

‘Climate change likely to be key during ‘G20 presidency’

The country “will be largely focused on responding to current and future challenges posed by climate change,” said Samir Sarin, president of the Observer Research Foundation, a New Delhi-based think tank.

Heat waves will be more frequent until 2060

The World Meteorological Organization warns that heat waves will become more frequent and intense until at least 2060, even if climate change mitigation actions are successful.

Sustainable food cold chains reduce waste, fight climate change

Food loss also increases the unnecessary conversion of land for agricultural purposes, as well as the use of water, fossil fuels, and energy.

Duck farming with fish means double profit 

Kisan of India had a special conversation with NS Rahmani, Deputy Director of Fisheries Department, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh regarding duck farming business with fish.

Golden opportunity in Mushroom Farming

Mushroom farming has better employment prospects for the youth. Subhash Vishwakarma, a resident of Betul district of Madhya Pradesh, is 12th pass. He started Dhingri Mushroom/Oyster Mushroom production at his home with an investment of Rs.2000.

Vegetable Nursery industry with soilless vegetable seedlings

If the planting material is of high quality, then the crop of vegetables in the vegetable nursery is also good. To provide the best planting material to the people in her area, Jayanthi Medhi did a unique experiment and established a successful enterprise by preparing seedlings of various vegetables without soil.

Drought in figures 2022′: increase by 29%

In addition to warning about the 29% increase in droughts and their duration, the document points out that from 1970 to 2019, meteorological, climate and water hazards accounted for 50% of disasters

5 billion people could face difficulty accessing water in 2050

In Africa, there was also less than average flow in the Niger, Volta, Nile and Congo rivers, while in Eurasia the same was true in basins in Siberia, other parts of Russia and Central Asia.

Smart Nitrogen Management is the key to successful Agriculture

Region-wise, for each crop, based on the nitrogen content in the soils of a particular region, the recommended doses are fixed. Farmers are advised to apply all the fertilizers and manures as per the recommendations.

Know the advanced method of Guggul Farming

Guggul is a fragrant plant with medicinal properties. In Guggul cultivation, plants are prepared by seed or grafting. It can tolerate temperature ranging from 40-45 degree Celsius to 3 degree Celsius. In hilly areas, it grows like bushes in forests.

Eco-Friendly Mulching: Why is organic mulch beneficial for crops?

Weed control is a major problem for farmers. Most of the farmers resort to mulching technique called mulching, but mulching with plastic sheet is not good for soil and crop health, in this case organic mulching is the best alternative to plastic mulching.

Droughts and floods hit the entire planet in 2021

The work also analyzed the fluvial flow in various basins of the world, and compared it with the average of the hydrological period of the last 30 years

Mushroom cultivation with just Rs 300 and became self reliant

Pratibha Jha, a woman farmer from Bihar’s Darbhanga district, who believes in ‘If you accept defeat, you are determined’, has not only made a mark for herself, but is also helping her family financially by cultivating mushrooms.

Farmers benefited from participatory seed production

If the seed is good then the crop will also be good. Many times the farmers have to face losses due to non-availability of improved seeds on time. In order to maintain the availability of seeds, Hirehalli’s Krishi Vigyan Kendra solved this problem through Participatory Seed Production.

Mahogany farming Part 3: Products are very valuable, in demand

Mahogany farming is like a long term investment. Along with this, farmers can increase their income by cultivating other crops.

Adopt Multilayer Farming technique to shine on

Farmers should adopt multilayer farming only after collecting all the information and then do their work with full devotion. Multilayer farming cannot be very beneficial for half-hearted or careless farmers or those who rely on others. The success of this technology depends on its proper implementation. Multilayer farming is not a work of magic or spells.

Milk producers must do Napier grass farming for more income

By cultivating Napier grass in about half a bigha field, green fodder can be provided to 4-5 animals throughout the year. If the farmer cultivates Napier grass in more area than his requirement, then it can also earn cash crops.

Global warming will reduce world agricultural production by 30%

In addition, he recalled that “rich countries must fulfill the commitment of the Paris Agreements and reach 100,000 million dollars in financing to help the most vulnerable communities to combat a crisis that they have not caused.”

New Study Can Help Control Noise in Quantum Technology

Quantum technology is too vulnerable to disturbances in the environment that corrupt information stored in quantum computers, so understanding the role of noise in quantum technology and finding ways to control it has long been a challenge for scientists.

Start Quail farming business at low coast, less space

Rukmani Bai, a resident of Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh, wanted to stand on her own feet. She took training in quail farming and started quail farming after gathering information about its market.

Goat farming gave him livelihood when he had no job

Goat farming can be a good source of income for the youth of rural areas. In this, good profits can be earned from less space and expenditure. Just a few things need to be taken care of as Begusarai youth Vishal Ranjan did and today he has become a successful goat farmer.

Mini Rotavator: An alternative for tractor with 20 years of battery life

Mini rotavator is an economical and efficient option for small farmers. It is equipped with a variety of attachments, due to which it works as both a tractor and a rotavator.

Oyster Mushroom and coconut combination is profitable

If you also want to earn more profit in less cost in Oyster Mushroom production, then definitely use this technique.

Climate change affects mango production in India

Virtually none of Aslam’s trees, spread over 1.6 hectares, produced mangoes. In a normal year, they would have yielded more than 11 tons of fruit.

Melting of Himalayan Glaciers

The average rate of retreat of the Himalayan Hindu Kush glaciers is 14.9 ± 15.1 metres/year (m/y); which varies from 12.7 ± 13.2 m/a in Indus,

India Commits to 45% Emissions Intensity Reduction by 2030

Earlier, India submitted its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to the UNFCCC on October 2, 2015. The 2015 NDC included eight goals; Three of these have quantitative targets for, by 2030, cumulative electric power installed capacity from non-fossil sources to reach 40%; Reducing the emissions intensity of GDP by 33 to 35 per cent compared to 2005 levels and creating an additional carbon sink equivalent to 2.5 to 3 billion tons of CO2 through additional forest and tree cover.

Unusual rise in temperature due to climate change

The IPCC Sixth Assessment Working Group I report points to three main facts: First, the global average temperature has already increased by 1.07 degrees C since pre-industrial times

How kulthi farming can become a good source of income?

Mild hot and dry climate is suitable for the cultivation of horse gram. The growth of its plants is good in 20-30 degree centigrade temperature. It can be cultivated in all types of soil.

Homemade incubator in poultry business

To be successful in any work, it is necessary to have related skills. That’s why, from time to time, the Krishi Vigyan Kendra is imparting training related to various business to the youth in the rural areas. One such training changed the life of Tapash Roy, a young Assamese youth. He is making good profit in poultry farming business.

Mahogany Farming Part 1 : How to do it and earn the best?

Mahogany trees are considered very valuable, because every part of it, such as leaves, flowers, seeds, skin and wood, are all in demand and all get a good price. Mahogany farming gives long term profits to the farmers.

Which animals could go extinct by 2050?

Many well-known species and subspecies — including the Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abelii), Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis), Sumatran elephant (Elephas maximus sumatranus)

Mahogany Farming Part 2 : Advanced varieties give good income

Many farmers in India are involved in mahogany cultivation. The height of mahogany tree can be from 40 to 200 feet. But the real average length in India is around 60 feet. Five varieties of mahogany are cultivated in India.

Nano fertilizers are a boon in cumin cultivation

Fertilizers play an important role in good crop and plant growth, but chemical fertilizers are not good for soil and crop quality. That’s why emphasis is being given on organic fertilizers. Nano fertilizer is also a kind of organic fertilizer which does not harm the environment and also improves crop production.

Karnataka’s Vasundhara followed new avenues of Food Processing

Processing or value addition of agricultural products is the best way for women to become self-reliant. Vasundhara Hegde, a resident of Karnataka, also started her own business by adopting food processing.

Why Osmanabadi Goat is considered better for meat production?

Osmanabadi Goat is prone to many diseases like foot and mouth disease (FMD), goat plague (PPR). Know in detail in this article what are the things that need to be kept in mind for their prevention and maintenance.

Red Cabbage Farming is profitable as compared to Green cabbage

Sowing of red cabbage can be done between September to mid-November or mid-January to February. In this article, we will tell you how to plant this cabbage and protect it from diseases.

Advantages of advanced techniques in Horticulture 

Rahul Dahiya started his horticulture journey with guava cultivation. He has also made a fruit nursery. His nursery is recognized by Haryana Horticulture Board and National Horticulture Board.

Zero Budget Natural Farming helps solve water problem

Bisrotti, who has been doing zero budget natural farming for the last 12 years, did many experiments to improve crop yield. Let us know about his experiments.

Mixed Farming saves 200 Indigenous Varieties Of Tuber Crops

Shaji NM, known as ‘Tuber Man of Kerala’, is doing organic farming and working to save ‘tuber’ i.e. tuber crops and indigenous varieties of rice. He has adopted mixed farming method in his farm.

India amongst top 5 best performing countries on Climate Change

The climate protection performance of these 59 countries, together accounts for 92% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Climate change: Even weak Hurricanes are getting stronger

The new study adds a direct line of evidence that tropical cyclones are getting stronger. Ocean measurements suggest that tropical cyclones are likely to intensify at a rate of about 1.8 meters per second every decade. The study suggests that this strengthening trend holds true for storms around the world.

Honeybee lifespan half what it was 50 years ago

Especially in the United States, a country that during the winter between 2006 and 2007 lost around 90% of its colonies. 50 years ago, pesticides did not exist, which has also taken its toll on their life expectancy.

Record number of children crossed Darien Gap this year

The new figure from Unicef ​​exceeds by 10% the total maximum previously recorded, in 2021, of children crossing that 5,000-square-kilometre jungle, heading to the United States as their final destination.

Deforestation brings the Amazon to a point of no return

According to the WWF’s “Amazon Viva 2022” report, presented at the world climate summit in this Egyptian city, 18% of the Amazon forests have been completely lost, another 17% are degraded and data from the first half of this year show that the damage continues to grow.

Best Out Of Waste from Parali, creative use of agricultural waste

When Sunita Kumari, a resident of Bihar, started working on her creative idea, many people made fun of her. But as they say where there is a will there is a way, she did it and connected many women with her work.

How stubble is a boon for the soil and crops?

Stubble burning is not only harmful to the environment, but it also reduces soil fertility. In such a situation, to get rid of this problem, it is necessary to inform the farmers about the alternative use of stubble. ICAR has given some alternative uses of stubble, know about them.

Raised Bed Planter is useful to handle climate change challenges

To save the traditional sprinkle method of sowing from high cost and double whammy of climate change, agricultural scientists developed the technique of sowing by furrow and groove method. Due to the trough and gutter method, more rain water is conserved in the fields.

Innovative Organic Pearl Farming changed lives

Today, Ashok Manwani is known for his innovation in pearl farming and his research on oysters. His dream is that India should reach the first position in pearl farming.

Nutritional kitchen garden saves money, no dependence on market

The nutritional needs of the family are easily met by growing a variety of fruits and vegetables in the Nutritional Kitchen Garden. There is no need to depend on the market either. By growing vegetables/fruits according to every season, the body gets all kinds of nutrients, which keeps you healthy.

Fennel Cultivation for good income, know the advanced techniques

Fennel cultivation can be done in both Rabi and Kharif season. The specialty of fennel cultivation is that it can be cultivated in all types of land except sandy soil. Lucknow fennel is costlier than the fennel used as a spice, because the size and weight of the grains of the best quality of chewing fennel are almost half as compared to its fully developed state.

Fish seed production is a source of better profit

The business of fish seed production can also become a good source of income for the youth. July to August is the best time for breeding. There is a tremendous demand for fish seed during these months. How to prepare fish hatchery, how is its business? Special conversation with Dr. Mukesh Sarang, Deputy Director, Fisheries Department, Bindhyachal Circle, Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, on this.

Earth had its 4th-warmest October on record

According to a US scientific agency, 2022 could become one of the ten warmest years on record. Additionally, the National Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) noted that October ranked as the world’s fourth-warmest month in 143 years. 

COP27 summit strikes historic deal on ‘loss and damage’ fund

COP27 brought together more than 45,000 participants to share ideas and solutions, and build alliances and coalitions. Indigenous peoples, local communities, cities and civil society, including youth and children, showed how they are dealing with climate change and shared how it affects their lives.

Climate change is disturbing El Nino and La Nina

During an El Niño phase, the central and eastern tropical Pacific Ocean warms significantly. It is responsible for cloud formation in the Pacific and a major change in weather patterns, creating generally dry conditions in eastern Australia.

Coca-Cola, main sponsor of Cop 27, top in terms of pollution

Since 2018, more than 200,000 volunteers in 87 countries and territories have conducted global cleanups and brand audits to identify the companies that pollute the most in the places with the most plastic waste

Sustainable food cold chains reduce waste, fight climate change

In 2020, almost 3.1 billion people could not afford a healthy diet, 112 million more than in 2019, as the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic increased inflation. This year, the war in Ukraine has threatened world food security.

Effect of Climate Change on Agriculture

According to the vulnerability analysis, 109 districts out of 573 rural districts (19% of the total districts) are “very high risk” districts, while 201 districts are risk districts. 

India Submits its long-term Low emission development Strategy

The National Hydrogen Mission launched in 2021 aims to make India a green hydrogen hub. The rapid expansion of green hydrogen production, increasing electrolyser manufacturing capacity in the country, and three-fold increase in nuclear capacity by 2032 are some of the other milestones that are envisaged alongside overall development of the power sector.

Climate change makes lakes less blue

Blue lakes represent less than a third of the world’s lakes. They tend to be deeper and are found in cold, high-latitude regions with high rainfall and winter ice cover. Greenish-brown lakes, which make up 69% of all lakes, are more widespread and found in drier regions, continental interiors and along coasts, according to the study.

How India’s rice production can adapt to climate change challenges

“Rice is the main crop in India, China and other Southeast Asian countries. Rice consumption is also growing in the US and other parts of the world,” says Prasanta Kalita, a professor in the U of I Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering and lead author of the study.

Multi-crop basket thresher saves money and reduces wastage

The Multi-crop Basket Thresher Machine is very easy to use. It can be easily carried from one place to another. It has been designed keeping in mind the safety of farmer associates.

Drum Seeder is useful in direct sowing of paddy

By using drum seeder you can not only save your time but also save the money of the farmers. Kisan of India spoke in detail about the features of this machine to agricultural scientist Avanish Kumar Singh of Krishi Vigyan Kendra Peppeganj, Gorakhpur.

Less cost, more income from Rice Transplanter machine

Rice transplanter is a device which reduces the dependence of farmers on farm labourers. Paddy transplanting can be done easily with the help of rice transplanter.

Heat waves cost world economy $16 trillion since 1990

Heat waves caused by climate change have caused losses of more than 16 billion euros to the world economy between 1992 and 2013 due to extreme heat

Effect of AQI on Agriculture, Crop Yield and Food Production

Have you ever stopped on a busy road and observed the plants breathing on the roadside. They have lost their glow and happy face. The greenery expected from the plants has been killed. The plants have turned pale yellow or brown in colour. We all know that the reason is Air pollution. Same is the situation with the crops that the farmers grow on their fields. Pollution and high Air Quality Index or AQI are killing these plants. They are not only changing their colour and appearance but also their structure and functions.

Climate change adaptation measures and promotion of sustainable agriculture in India

Variation in climate has direct consequences for agriculture, both from the perspective of the survival of some species and yield. In such a way climate change inevitably affects food production and, therefore, the income of farmers. A study by Jeetendra Prakash Aryal and his team, published in the 2020 Environment, Development and Sustainability journal, shows that climate variability affects yield variability by 60 per cent.

Adapting rice cultivation in India to Climate Change

Uttarakhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Himachal Pradesh. The project areas stretch from the Indo-Gangetic plains to the Himalayas and reflect a wide variety of climatic, agroecological and cultural conditions, as well as different levels of modernization of agricultural production. The project initially conducted a series of surveys in farming communities on experiences and preferences for different crops and varieties, as well as changes in crop choice in recent years, to create a baseline. strong for project activities.

Advanced methods for Paddy Cultivation

At present, the work of transplanting paddy is going on fast. It is necessary to take care of many important things in paddy cultivation. For example, the loss caused by weeds in paddy crop has been estimated from 5 to 85 percent, while sometimes this loss can be up to 100 percent. How to manage paddy crop properly? Special conversation with Dr. Rajeev Kumar Singh, Principal Scientist, Agronomy Division, Indian Agricultural Research Institute.

5 Agri-Equipments by ICAR save time, labour and cost

Like other sectors, in agriculture also by using machines, more profit can be earned by saving labor, time and money. For this, farmers need to have knowledge of agricultural equipment.

Solar Assisted E-Prime Mover Machine – A Friend for Farmers

The increasing dependence on energy sources like petrol, diesel and electricity not only threatens their premature exhaustion but also harms the environment. That’s why agricultural scientists are continuously making battery and solar powered agricultural equipment, one of them is Solar Assisted E-Prime Mover Machine.

CO2 emissions, at a record level, will grow by 1% in 2022

This year atmospheric CO2 concentrations will reach an average of 417.2 parts per million by 2022, more than 50% above pre-industrial levels. The projection of 40.6 GtCO2 of total emissions in 2022 is close to 2019’s 40.9 GtCO2, which is the highest annual total in history.

Some iconic World Heritage glaciers will disappear by 2050

New UNESCO data highlight the accelerated melting of glaciers in World Heritage sites. With glaciers in a third of sites set to disappear by 2050. But it is still possible to save the other two thirds. If the rise in global temperatures does not exceed 1.5°C compared to the pre-industrial period. This will be a major challenge for COP27.

Beekeeping Business in India flourished like never before

Nazim had taken beekeeping as a hobby, but due to his hard work, this hobby has become his profession today. He has made his market in many states of the country, as well as has delivered his honey to foreign countries as well.

Patenting of genome editing puts the world’s nutrition at risk

On display at Syngenta’s annual showcase of the latest innovations last fall, this “weather-resistant” cabbage joined other novelty designer vegetables. Such as “rust-resistant” green beans, so-called snow peas. or “hamburger leaf” lettuce, which stays crisp and fresh even after being flattened by a hot burger and bun.

Insects around the world reduce their numbers

Climate change alone poses serious risks to insect populations that have already been in sharp decline for decades, according to a team of scientists from 19 countries who have examined research on insect health across the planet.

Cultivate ‘super food’ black rice to earn more from paddy crop

Black rice is also a species of common rice. It is mainly cultivated in countries like China, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines. It is considered superior to traditional rice, is grown especially in the northeastern states like Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya and Assam, besides Odisha.

Advanced variety of peas developed for hilly areas

Peas are generally cultivated well in moist and cool climates. Its seeds do not germinate in hot weather. Many advanced varieties of green peas have been developed by scientists, one of which is ‘V.L. Vegetable peas-15 ‘. Improved variety of peas V.L. Sabzi Matar-15 has been specially developed for the hilly areas of Uttarakhand.

Bottle Gourd Farming can help farmers increase their income

Bottle gourd has the main place among the vegetables considered good for stomach and health. Bottle gourd farming is done in almost every region of the country. There are many improved varieties of bottle gourd, with the help of which farmers can increase their income by producing good yields.

COP27: How climate change impacts countries around world

As the impact of climate change gains a foothold in our daily lives, many countries have focused on mitigating global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through innovative and cost-effective mechanisms that scale up emissions reductions and encourage flows financial, including so-called carbon market mechanisms.

Sugarcane increased mushroom production with technology

ICAR-DMR scientists worked on this technique for three years. He says that this technique will give more benefits than traditional methods in mushroom cultivation.

Goat rearing : Started with just three goats, 79% increase in income

Some villages in the Sunderbans area of ​​West Bengal are very backward. The farmers here are unable to earn their livelihood from farming. In such a situation, animal husbandry can become a main source of additional income for them. Deepali Biswas, a resident of Sandelarbil village in Sunderbans, has achieved success by rearing goats with scientific techniques.

Agricultural scientists have invented a new wheat variety

Scientists of Chhattisgarh have done wonders. Scientists have developed a new variety of wheat. This variety is rich in nutrients. The bread made from this variety will remain soft for 12 hours. Along with this there are many other features.

Know about the use of high density technology in banana cultivation

In Tumkur district of Karnataka, banana is the second largest producer after mango. The area under banana cultivation has also increased in the district. However, the yield is not very high in its traditional cultivation. Farmers are being made aware about high density technology for the benefit of the farmers cultivating bananas.

Turmeric cultivation helped her become an entrepreneur

Poken Bomjen, who hails from Arunachal Pradesh, joined a self-help group in 2017. How she took over the responsibility of his house due to turmeric cultivation, know in this article.

Sprayer Machine sprays 1 Acre of field in 20 minutes

With the help of sprayer machine, farmers can spray pesticides and fertilizers in their crops. It saves time as well as reduces labour cost.

How ‘Millet Man’ worked from employment to market system?

The demand for nutritious traditional cereals like jowar, bajra was gradually decreasing. This caused loss to both the farmers and the common people. Hence Veer Shetty fraternity of Telangana not only cultivated coarse cereals on a large scale, but also made it popular by making it a value addition product.

Black rice cultivation got good price to this farmer

Vipin Kumar, a post graduate degree holder in MBA Finance, has become an example for the farmers of his area in today’s date. Vipin Kumar has made cultivation of black rice as his additional source of income.

How Onion variety Arka Kalyan increase production by 46 percent ?

Onion is a major commercial crop, which can improve the livelihood of farmers. Onion is cultivated in different parts of the country. But in some places, farmers do not get good profits due to lack of knowledge of its improved variety. Know how the income of farmers increased with Arka Kalyan, an improved variety of onion, in this article.

Special pest management in brinjal cultivation increased production

In two seasons of the year, Hanumantharayappa, a farmer from Karnataka used to cultivate brinjal on one acre of land. But 38 percent crop was damaged due to stem and fruit borer pests. A technique of pest management invented by the Bangalore-based ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, IIHR solved their problem.

Mastitis: Dangerous disease of milch animals, do not delay treatment

Tonella can occur at any age, but its symptoms become severe after delivery. The milk of a cow infected with Thanella is not fit for use. Milk production falls and so does the burden of treating the animal. Therefore, even if there is a suspicion of mumps, a veterinarian should be seen immediately.

Carbon Composite Paper technology help keep fruits fresh for long

About 50 per cent of the total fruit produced in India is wasted, causing huge losses to the fruit producing farmers. Now this new technology will prove to be effective in conserving fruits and by reducing wastage, the income of farmers will also increase.

Citronella Cultivation to get expensive aromatic oil at cheap cost

The demand for citronella oil is increasing very rapidly. Commercial cultivation of citronella is increasing rapidly in many countries including India. That is why citronella cultivation is spreading as a great option for farmers wanting to move away from traditional farming to commercial crops. Obviously, citronella oil is very useful in increasing the income of the farmers.

Advanced variety of tomato by plastic mulching technique

Saroja, a progressive woman farmer from Karnataka, has adopted plastic mulching technique in many vegetables with the help of KVK and has emerged as an inspiration for her sector. Know how they help get profit.

Technological Invention : Desi Plow to Seed Drill machine

Amrit Lal Dhangar, a resident of Mandla, a tribal district of Madhya Pradesh, used to do farming with a seed drill machine on rent. Working on how to reduce the cost, he made a seed drill machine from the available resources.

By rearing poultry with goat, income increased three times

Through integrated poultry and goat farming, farmers can increase their income by making better use of limited resources. There are many benefits of rearing poultry with goat. Rajesh Kumar, a resident of Gorakhpur district of Uttar Pradesh, is taking advantage of this integrated system.

Lemongrass cultivation help increase income of rural women

Lemongrass may not be popular in rural areas, but it is a good way to earn extra income. Lemongrass can be easily cultivated even in barren land.

Backyard Poultry Farming changed her life forever

Knowing the right breed is very important for backyard poultry farming. Whether that chicken is suitable according to that area or not, there should also be information about it. Know how Pushpa, a resident of Telangana, made herself self-reliant with the improved breed of chicken.

Kundru cultivation : Farmer couple adopted pandal technique

Hardworking and progressive farmer couple Sushila and Chintha Adinarayana Reddy used to cultivate vegetables on the land itself. What is Semi-Permanent Pandal System? How does this technique work in Kundru cultivation? How much is the cost and profit? Know in this article.

She is growing vegetables in kitchen garden made from waste

Creating a kitchen garden not only reduces the cost of buying vegetables for the month of Sunita Singh, but also provides fresh vegetables to eat.

Mango and Mahua orchards grown from turmeric cultivation

Yunus Khan, who hails from Madhya Pradesh, often researched ways to increase income from limited resources. During this, he came to know about such a technique, which was new to him. He started cultivating turmeric in his mango and mahua plantation. In today’s date, farmers come from far and wide to see his farming model.

Mushroom farming in Kashmir’s Pulwama made her the first

She is the first woman to become a mushroom farmer, thanks to just seven days of training while doing B.Sc (Medical) at Degree College in Pulwama district of Kashmir.

He tripled his income on the basis of modern farming

Prior to modern farming, Mathura Das used to cultivate tur, soybean, wheat and gram on his 40 acres of land. The family was growing. In such a situation, how to increase the income, he was looking for its options. How did his search come to an end? Know in this article.

50 thousand rupees profit per acre in Cucumber Farming

Cucumber is also considered a great beauty product, as it has been shown to be useful in curing many skin related disorders.

Good income on barren land with Ashwagandha Cultivation

Ashwagandha is cultivated in about 5000 hectares in the country. Its annual yield is about 1600 tonnes, while the demand is 7000 tonnes. That is why farmers do not face any problem in getting good price of Ashwagandha in the market. This plant is found in all other parts except the cold regions. But its cultivation is abundant in Mandsaur, Neemuch, Manasa, Javad, Bhanpura of western Madhya Pradesh and Nagaur district of nearby Rajasthan. Nagori. Ashwagandha also has a different identity in the market.

Goat Farming: Poor rural women of Bihar become Pashu Sakhi

Goat farming is an excellent option in rural areas of Bihar where people have no means of livelihood and agriculture does not generate income due to erratic rainfall and less land. Goat rearing completely changed the lives of many poor women in the rural areas of the state becoming Pashu Sakhi.

Know how pig farming changed the livelihood of poor village

The people of this village, living in extreme poverty, are now living a better life with their families due to pig farming.

‘Mann Ki Baat’ fame Sheikh brothers unique farming Techniques

From Apple Farming to Soil Testing and Vermicompost Business, this pair of brothers do many things related to farming. PM Modi has also praised Bilal and Munir in the program ‘Mann Ki Baat’.

How Rosha Grass (Palmarosa Farming) helps earn great income?

The multi-year cultivation of rosha grass is less costly and more profitable than traditional crops, earning more in the following years than in the first year.

Struggles of ‘Silk Lady’ of Karnataka

Satyakumari, who hails from Vaderahalli village in Karnataka, had to struggle to meet even basic necessities. Know how sericulture and inter-cropping of vegetables made her a successful woman entrepreneur.

Colourful Cauliflower Cultivation, Increase Both Health and Profits

Colourful cauliflower is very beneficial not only in appearance, but also in food and health. To grow it, special care has to be taken of the variety of cabbage, the quantity of seeds and the time of sowing.

How to improve and manage saline soil?

Saline soils are high in sodium, calcium, magnesium or their chlorides and sulphates. All these elements are soluble in water. A white crust of these soluble saline elements is formed on the upper surface of the soil of the field. The infestation of saline soil is often seen on land where there is a problem of water logging.

Ginger Farming: Know advanced methods of cultivation of ginger?

Ginger is cultivated all over the country. Farmers with small landholdings can also do ginger cultivation easily. Ginger crop is ready in 7 to 8 months. Its different varieties produce 15 to 20 tons of ginger tuber per hectare. After deducting all the cost, the farmers earn about two lakh rupees per hectare from ginger cultivation.

Sewan Grass: Excellent for milch animals and livestock farmers

It is found abundantly in Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Sri Ganganagar and Hanumangarh districts of western Rajasthan. There is less than 250 mm of rainfall annually. There is good development of root system in Sewan grass. That is why it has the ability to tolerate drought. It is considered the king of desert grasses.

How much is the income in silkworm farming business? Know about this business from Karnataka farmers Satish and Yogesh

Sericulture is one such industry in which the profits are quite good. If there is correct information about this and sericulture and mulberry cultivation are done in the right way, then it is beneficial for the farmers.

Lemon Farming: Increased income from these improved varieties

India is the largest producer of lemon in the world. It produces 16 percent of the world’s lemon production. In India, lemon is cultivated in 3.17 lakh hectares every year. Know about the improved varieties of lemon.

Plant Nursery : This nursery of Rajasthan solved many problems of farmers simultaneously, model nursery for other villages

This nursery is run by a group of 10 farmers. These farmers were given skill training on commercial nursery management. Cutting, budding and grafting techniques, pest and disease management were explained.

Date farming : Hardworking farmer Sadularam Chaudhary accepted the challenge, grew dates in the ‘scorching sand’, became a role model

Sadularam Chaudhary, a resident of Barmer district of Rajasthan, was not aware about the cultivation of dates earlier, but he liked to do new experiments in farming. That’s why he chose palm farming despite the refusal of fellow farmers. Today farmers come from far and wide to take Guru Mantra from him.

Kiwi farming in Kashmir: A success story

In many areas of North Kashmir, farmers have planted Kiwi saplings. If we talk about the production of Kiwi from a small farm of a farmer, then it grows up to 300 boxes of Kiwi per year.

‘Palash Brand’ changed the fate of these rural women of Jharkhand

Palash brand aims to inspire rural women to take up entrepreneurship. Providing market to the products manufactured by them and getting reasonable prices, all this is being done under Palash brand.

Karnataka’s Shruti Nursery business earning Rs 50 lakh profit annually

About 50 people work in Varashree Farm and Nursery. For Shruti’s success in nursery business, she has been honoured with many awards like ‘Mahindra Agriculture Award 2016’, ‘Udyan Ratna Award 2015’.

This woman started food processing on small scale, know her story

Suman Sharma, a resident of Kota district of Rajasthan, comes from a lower middle class farming family. Running a household of an eight-member family was difficult. Know how she started the Food Processing Unit.

The use of biogas plants changed the picture of a village in Madhya Pradesh, know how the cost of farmer families was reduced

There is a lot of energy in cow dung. This energy is extracted through fermentation in a biogas plant. How setting up biogas plants is beneficial for farmers? Know in this article.

Brahmastra of natural farming, annihilation of enemies of crop

Farmers doing farming in natural or organic way will be aware of these weapons, but many hardly know about them. On these three weapons, Rajasthan’s progressive farmer Rawalchand Pancharia spoke in detail to Kisan of India.

Punarnava Jal – The world’s first organic fertilizer! Know how it is beneficial for farmers?

Kisan of India had a special meeting with the Chairman of the Asian Agri History Foundation. Know what is the history and specialty of Punarnawa water?

Henna Farming : Excellent commercial crop of infertile and rainfed farms, earning a lot of money year after year at low cost

For gravel, rocky, light, heavy, saline, alkaline, fallow, barren, infertile and rainfed soils, there is hardly any other crop better than henna. For those who do not have the means of irrigation and who want to avoid the hassle of planting new crops again and again, the colour of henna remains unmatched. Low cost high yielding henna cultivation can be grown very easily in hot and dry climate areas.

Banana Farming: Amazing work done by son of the farmer of military family, 3 lakh per acre profit from banana production

The history of Joginder Singh’s village, which belongs to Kivalajhir, tells the story of many brave soldiers of Azad Hind Fauj. The natives of Haryana changed the picture of agriculture by settling in Madhya Pradesh.

Sheep Rearing gives profit of 7 lakh rupees per year

Within a few years Mushtaq has developed a sheep farm with a capacity of 200 sheep. The farm, built using scientific methods and local ingredients, currently houses 125 to 140 sheep. Here is a conversation with Mushtaq Ahmed about sheep rearing.

Vertical Garden: PVC pipe was used to make vertical garden, the innovation of Sunita Prasad of Bihar got the award

Sunita Prasad, a resident of Chapra, Bihar, has created the whole concept of vertical garden with the help of PVC pipe and bamboo. In this way many vegetables can be grown in less space. Know about her innovation.

Horticulture : Resigning from MNC Engineer Fayaz Bhat, a resident of Kashmir, returns to the country, now prepares the garden

Fayaz explains that he started with sheep rearing. For this a modern farm was developed. Sheep rearing continues in spite of not making much profit.

How to save diesel? If you want to reduce cost of farming and increase profit

Agricultural experts have told such tips to save diesel, which proves to be very useful and beneficial for the farmers. In view of the ever-increasing fuel prices, such remedies should be given priority immediately. An instruction manual is also given by every tractor or agricultural machinery manufacturer with its machine. It is prepared by experts on the basis of experience. That is why its instructions should be read very carefully and definitely, because in it the correct way of using and maintaining the machine is told. The instructions given in the instruction manual should be strictly implemented in order to get maximum benefit from agricultural equipment with minimum cost.
There should be no leakage from the fuel tank of the farm machinery and any part of its fuel pipe, because if even one drop per second leaks, more than 50 litres of oil will be wasted in a month. So, do not allow the oil to drip out under any circumstances. If it is necessary to go to the mechanic to solve this problem immediately, then do not hesitate at all.
When the engine is started, if it hears a tapit, it means that the amount of air needed for the fuel to burn in the engine is getting less than it needs. Due to this, the consumption of diesel increases and black smoke is released. The engine may need to be repaired or fixed if a tapit sound is heard. Therefore, its work should be done as soon as possible. The longer it is delayed, the more the cost will increase.
Black smoke coming out of the engine simply means that it is consuming more diesel than it needs and is not able to generate energy by burning the amount of diesel it is consuming. Only partially burnt diesel is visible as black smoke. This can also happen due to a fault in the injector or injection pump. Injectors must be checked after 150 hours of use in small engines and 600 hours in tractors.
After starting the engine, it should be allowed to warm up for at least 30 seconds. Only then should the load be put on it. Because sudden loading of the engine when it is less hot or cold, its parts wear more and the diesel also costs more.
If while working with agricultural equipment, it seems that even after increasing the speed or giving the accelerator, its power is not increasing properly, then it should be understood that the parts like piston and ring of the engine have worn out. Due to this condition, the cost of oil in the engine starts increasing. Therefore, the engine should be repaired as soon as possible.

Cultivation of Job’s Tears rich in calcium and protein is done in north-eastern states

Job’s Tears Cultivation: There are some crops that are known to all, but in many parts of the diverse country India, certain types of crops are grown about which only few people are aware, but this crop is full of nutrients. Yes, one such crop is Jobs Tears.

Fertilizers: Know, how to identify and check real and fake manure?

The demand for chemical fertilizers is always there. The adulterers take advantage of this aspect and make a big deal to the farmers by selling spurious or substandard manure. There are two main avenues for the farmers to avoid such fraud and forgery.

Coconut Farming: Sunaina Soni of Andaman and Nicobar becomes a successful entrepreneur from coconut farming business

Coconut agribusiness is not only in the southern states of the country, but also in other states, there is a great demand for coconut and coconut products. The demand for coconut powder is increasing day by day because it is easy to use in making sweets. Seeing the growing market of coconut powder, a woman from Andaman and Nicobar not only adopted it as a business, but also set an ex